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Bob le bobo

Bob le bobo

by Mélina Schoenborn
  • courage-self-esteem
  • early-chilhood
  • family-and-friendship
  • from-quebec

The most endearing boo-boo in the history of boo-boos!

Bob is a boo-boo. An adorable little boo-boo. But he’s alone and he’s bored. It’s not always easy to make friends when you’re a boo-boo. Maybe the little boy who’s just fallen off his bike will want to adopt him… Thus begins a story of great friendship, which will constantly be called upon to renew itself.


• Naïve style illustrations that beautifully accompany a simple text, well adapted to young children

• A theme close to the reality of small children, but rarely treated in literature

• An endearing character who helps take the drama out of the small, daily boo-boos children get

• An amusing way to talk about care given to minor injuries


Mélina Schoenborn, author

Mélina Schoenborn has been working in publishing for quite some time. When she’s not working, she loves to create ceramic bowls. When she’s not creating ceramic bowls, she loves to write stories for children. But what she’s really crazy about is eating lots of doughnuts before meals. Bob the Boo-boo is her first album for young readers.

Sandra Dumais, illustrator

In 2001, on a bike trip from Nova Scotia to Toronto, Sandra Dumais stopped in Montreal, fell in love with the city, and decided to stay put. She studied Print Media and worked as a freelance Designer in ad agencies and publishing before launching her own line of children’s illustrations, map collections and stationery under the name "Moon and Sparrow". She also teaches kids’ art workshops in Rosemont, and in her free time can be found wandering the alleys and parks of Montreal with her husband and their two little artists. She’s the author of the series Crimes à la ferme, also published by la courte echelle.


  • Adorable, ce petit album permet de dédramatiser les blessures légères de l’enfance. À lire, pour soigner avec humour et amour. - Marie Allard, La Presse Link to review


  • Finaliste - Prix jeunesse des Libraires du Québec, 2020, 0-5 ans

Rights Holder

Rights Holder: la courte échelle



rights sold: Korean - South Korea

rights available: World

Additional Information

age range: 3 years old and up

publication date: 08/01/2020

Original language of pub: French

Materials Available: finished book