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Maison Rouge: Memories of a Childhood in War

Maison Rouge: Memories of a Childhood in War


by Liliana Leila Juma
  • courage-self-esteem
  • diversity
  • historical
  • nonfiction

Liliane Leila Juma was 16 years old when her family home in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was destroyed by rebel soldiers. In this gut-wrenching memoir, she gives an account of her life before and after her family was torn apart by the twin nightmares of civil war and invasion.

Sincere and revealing, it gives a moving account of a young girl’s journey from a protected and secure family life, through a series of brutal conflicts. Maison Rouge is a story of war and unspeakable loss. It is also the story of survival.


Liliana Leila Juma, author

Liliane Leila Juma grew up in Uvira, a city in the western Congo on the shore of Lake Tanganyika near the border with Burundi. Her life as a young girl was brutally disrupted by the wars in Burundi (1993), Rwanda (1994), and the Congo (1994-1997), finally forcing her family to flee to Tanzania. After some time in a refugee protection camp, Leila, her Maman, and her sisters and brothers immigrated to Canada. Leila now lives in Vancouver, where she works as a Women’s Support Worker.


  • A thoughtful, moving story of loss and triumph. - Kirkus Reviews Link to review
  • Leolina's experiences, unimaginable to some, feel very vivid and lived . . . (She) uses her voice to navigate conflict and convey hope to others still struggling, while also educating those lucky enough to not have to face the same kind of turmoil. - Quill & Quire Link to review

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