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Music for Tigers

Music for Tigers

  • adventure
  • fiction

A young violinist discovers her mother’s family secretly harbour a sanctuary for extinct Tasmanian tigers in the remote Australian rainforest, huge marsupials that were famously hunted into extinction almost a hundred years ago.

Or so the world believes.

Hidden in the rainforest at the sanctuary, Convict Rock, established by her great-grandmother Eleanor, one tiger remains. Louisa forges unexpected connections with the people, with the forest, and—through Eleanor’s journal—with her great-grandmother. She begins to suspect the key to saving the tiger is her very own music. But will her plan work? Or will the enigmatic Tasmanian tiger disappear once again, this time forever?

A moving coming-of-age story.


Rights Holder

Rights Holder: Pajama Press

rights available: World, excl. North America

Additional Information

age range: 10 - 12

number of pages: 192

publication date: 04/01/2020

Original language of pub: English

Materials Available: finished book

Additional Materials: Teaching Guide