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Unleashing Her Wild: Freeing Feminine Instinct and Intuition as Guides to an Awakened Life

Unleashing Her Wild: Freeing Feminine Instinct and Intuition as Guides to an Awakened Life

by Angelica Grace & S.C. Vollmer & Michelle Arnold & Mollie Lyddane & Heather Allison & Eleni Gray & Danielle Laura & Renee Kaylor & Kiki Carr & Donna Tack
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Unleashing Her Wild is a collection of stories written by women who have found a deep connection to intuition and instinct: an almost primal feeling that has guided them to overcome incredible challenges with strength and grace. Many of the women share stories of this feeling as a connection to the feminine divine. Unleashing Her Wild is designed to share these stories to resonate with readers and provide guidance, based on the personal experiences of our authors, about how to invite and engage with this internal truth and use it to live an authentic and empowered life. Psychotherapists, artists, academics, and empowerment practitioners, among many other roles, our authors share their stories of endurance, ferocity, and grace as a testament to what it means to be someone who knows and cultivates our relationship with the power of the feminine energy we all have . . . and let this force shape our lives in ways we might otherwise never imagine.


Angelica Grace, author

Angelica Jill Grace is a psychosomatic therapist and sensual embodiment mentor/intimacy coach who supports women, men, and couples who yearn for ultimately fulfilling and empowering intimate connections. She gently guides them in creating sensational and sustainable love lives by coming home to themselves through con-scious presence, body love and awareness, and authentic communication. ig: @sacredinneralchemy | fb: Angelica Jill Grace | e: |

S.C. Vollmer, author

S.C. Vollmer can usually be found with either her head in the clouds or a glassy, distant look in her eyes. “I’m thinking,” is her only source of nutrition. After traveling coast-to-coast in Canada and starting and stopping more businesses than she cares to admit (does having a “5pm lemonade stand outside a bus stop” as a seven-year-old count?), she has decided that, yes, multi-colored LED backlights on keyboards were worth it. With almost more degrees than one can count with their (one) hand, she has confirmed that being paid to think is so far the best thing that’s happened yet. And so, after promising to get a “real job,” she now spends most of her time back in academia, fusing software engineering and painting, coding (playing) in Virtual Reality, creating artistic “scapes,” and envisioning the future of how the world could be. Kinesthetically speaking, proprioception is the best. t: @fARfROMLuCK | in: @kitt-kat

Michelle Arnold, author

Michelle Arnold has been a medical laboratory technician, spiritual coach, speaker, writer, and philosophy major. She has had a strong connection and love for the metaphysical world since her first college course focused on The Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics. She brings her wisdom and philosophies to those around her daily. Michelle is a leader amongst her family, friends, co-workers, and clients for bringing her unique perspective and vibrant and positive energy to all of life’s offerings. Among Michelle’s many creative outlets, such as traveling, writing, dancing, and playing the piano, you can find her channeling her creativity by creating healing dream catchers, which she ships around the world. Her grandfather taught her how to make them as a child and she has found ways to enhance them with natural healing crystals and energy. ig: @JustMichelleArnold

Mollie Lyddane, author

Mollie harbored a glimmering suspicion she would become a psychologist during high school, when the paradoxes and complexities of the human condition became a strong subject of curiosity and investigation through her interests in philosophy and literature. During her college years, she became mesmerized with the study of astrology as a way of discovering how different people filter and organize their experience. Later studies in hypnotherapy led Mollie to dive wholeheartedly into the world of clinical psychology with the purpose of exploring the dynamics of psychotherapy, human emotional connection, and psychological intimacy. Jungian therapy, psychodynamic therapy, humanistic therapy, and mindfulness serve to inform her approach to psychotherapeutic encounter. Spiritual pursuits in meditation and yoga are foundational toMollie’s life. Her creativity takes many forms through dance, writing, and archetypal imagery. She considers herself an eternal student, mystic, and explorer of life’s underground mysteries. Today Mollie works in the San Francisco Bay Area as a clinical psychologist and astrologer. Her Persian kitten, Merlin, serves as a perpetual reminder of play as an aspect of our essential nature as humans.

Heather Allison, author

Heather Allison has been described as a beacon of light and love in the world, sharing her passion and her teachings to help women find the Gold and the Goddess within through coaching, courses, retreats, and books. Her teachings center on bringing an ancient, forgotten, Cosmic Feminine Wisdom and medicine to the world, changing the foundation we build our lives upon and helping women reconnect with their limitlessness, their power, Love, and deep abundance of magic. She helps women reclaim the More they’re truly meant for — deep joy, love, success, and rich, intuitive lives. She calls this your Golden Path — and it’s there within, simply waiting for you to Remember. fb biz: @heatherallisongoldengoddess fb personal: @agirlcalledbruce

Eleni Gray, author

Eleni Gray is a women’s empowerment coach, healer, and dedicated mother and wife. Eleni helps people heal past trauma, find balance in their lives, and expand into the highest version of themselves in their life and business. She believes that anyone has the ability to create the life of their dreams by dedicating themselves to their own healing, self-love, and self-care. Eleni is an entrepreneur, has a successful online business, and is sought after by women all over the world for her gifts, talents, and healing abilities. She is able to hold sacred space for people, prides herself in being a voice for change in the world, and creates impact in the areas she feels deeply passionate about. fb: @xoelenigray |

Danielle Laura, author

Danielle is a mission-driven former corporate medical executive turned spiritual entrepreneur. She has spent the last decade innovating therapy work, in addition to leading teams of change makers, which gives her an exceptional understanding of human behavior and what it takes for lasting transformation and success at every level. As the CEO and Founder of H.O.T. Souls TM Individual and Couples Coaching, Danielle is passionate about helping people shift their entire paradigm, live fully expressed lives, and make their greatest impact. Her mission is to help change makers ground into their truth, master their gifting in order to amplify their zone of genius, cultivate H.O.T., thriving relationships, and up-level their life in transformative ways. Danielle has a master’s degree in counseling and a bachelor’s degree in health science and is a certified Reiki Master. ig: @_daniellelaura_ | fb: @Daniellelauracoaching |

Renee Kaylor, author

As an artist, creative, free spirit, and wildly optimistic soul, Renee Kaylor believes life is a journey of spiritual and personal development. Renee graduated with distinction from the University of Calgary with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in fine arts, while also achieving First Team All-Canadian in athletics. Combining her background in athletics, arts, and psychology, Renee has developed the unique ability to coach women through a journey of self-discovery and to embrace their inner power and wild beauty. Renee’s insatiable thirst for exploration, combined with her disciplined drive for high achievement, has proven to be rewarding. Her passion for life has no boundaries. She was the first woman in her high school’s history to win a State Championship in athletics and was also named “Best in the City” by Toronto Life for her fashion styling. Renee currently resides in Toronto, the city she has lovingly called home for more than a decade. When she is not working with her clients, you can find Renee enjoying one of her many other creative passions: sketching in the park, working on her next writing project, developing a new character at an acting studio, or flying through the air on aerial silks. Look out for what’s next from this always energetic, wild woman. ig: @reneekaylor |

Kiki Carr, author

With a dreamer’s mind and the soul of a wanderer, Kiki Carr (also known as Kristine), has been adventurous and ambitious since she was a young girl. As with most women, when the need to fit in and blend into a mold became a priority, she grew more and more disconnected to her true self. This found her in academia, in careers with titles, volunteering every ounce of herself, and always climbing mountains to please others. Undeniably passionate about her service to others, Kiki began a career in social services with goals to change the world to prove her worthiness amongst the crowd. A quarter life crisis ensued. With a bachelor of arts degree majoring in criminology and justice and minors in domestic violence and policing, Kiki packed up her desk and left her job of seven years. Thus began a five year journey in rediscovering a life that would fulfill her, heal her from thirteen years of mental illness, and welcome back that ambitious little girl. Kiki is a passionate writer and storyteller, encouraging sustainable goal-setting and self-care practices. She believes that we all have the ability to design, create, and curate the life that we want to live, a life that we love fully and completely. ig: @carrkristine | fb: @carrkristine |

Donna Tack, author

Donna Tack is the owner of Night Sky Divine Wellness, a Reiki and energy healing practice. “Reclaim Your Divinity” is her company catchphrase, and she is passionate about helping people do just that. Donna holds a strong belief that we are all on a beautiful, sometimes painful, and glorious journey back to our Divine selves. Donna holds a certificate in counseling from Vancouver Community College. She has been in recovery from drugs and alcohol since 2009 and has dedicated her life to helping women find recovery from trauma and addictions. She has a published short story in Lessons from my Child, in which she shares her journey as the mother of a terminally disabled child. Donna’s son passed over to the spirit world in 2013. This opened a door to her pursuit of death doula work so that she can help others process their grief. She is pursuing certification in this healing modality in 2019. Donna’s reclamation of her indigenous background has helped her to reconnect with Mother Earth and the wild woman within her. ig: @nightskydw | fb: @nightskydivinewellness

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