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The Cowboy Way

The Cowboy Way

by Duane Radford
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For everything cowboy and Wild West, look no further. The Cowboy Way is a tribute to the classic image of old-time lore and its influence on popular culture. Did you know that the cowboy can trace his roots back to the Spanish vaquero traditions of Mexico? Or that cowboys are credited for offering such folkloric wisdom as: "Always saddle your own horse" and "never trust a man who agrees with you - he's probably wrong?" Or that Annie Oakley was likely America's first superstar, she was a sharpshooter who became famous for her role in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

Read all about these aspects of cowboy life and so much more!


Duane Radford, author

Duane S. Radford is a multi-award-winning writer and photographer. He was born in Blairmore, Alberta, but grew up in Bellevue, both small towns in the Crowsnest Pass. It was there he first got his taste of the cowboy life at nearby ranches, riding horses, baling hay in the blistering sun, building and mending fences and doing farm chores. He holds both a BSc and an MSc from the University of Calgary, has written over 600 articles and two books, and has received several national communications awards. Duane is the past president of the Outdoor Writers of Canada and currently sits as the chairman of the board of directors for the organization. When he isn’t writing or taking photographs, he spends much of his time outdoors, hunting and fly-fishing.

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