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Beyond the Binary: Thinking about Sex and Gender

Beyond the Binary: Thinking about Sex and Gender

by Shannon Dea
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How many sexes are there? What is the relationship between sex and gender? Is gender a product of nature, or nurture, or both? In Beyond the Binary, Shannon Dea addresses these questions and others while introducing readers to evidence and theoretical perspectives from a range of cultures and disciplines, and from sources spanning three millennia. Dea’s pluralistic and historically informed approach offers readers a timely background to current debates about sex and gender in the media, health sciences, and public policy.


Shannon Dea, author

Shannon Dea is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of Women’s Studies at the University of Waterloo.


  • “This is a wonderfully gripping, fascinating, and illuminating book. It’s intended as a textbook, and its super-clear prose and helpful discussion questions will make it an excellent one. But it’s also so much more: Dea is a scholar of extraordinary reach, and I have difficulty imagining there being any experts in the field who will fail to learn from this book, with its blend of historical, literary, scientific, and philosophical sources. It’s also incredibly fun to read, packed with fascinating vignettes and facts, and written in an extremely engaging manner. There are not many philosophical works I would classify as page-turners, but this is one.” - Jennifer Saul, University of Sheffield Link to review

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