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L'affaire Mélodie Cormier

L'affaire Mélodie Cormier

by Guillaume Morrissette
  • french-from-quebec
  • from-quebec
  • mystery-crime
  • thriller
  • upmarket
Without understanding why, Marco starts receiving messages, from an anonymous source, about his parent’s unsolved death. When he realises that his mysterious correspondent might be linked to the kidnapping of 10 year-old Melody Cormier, a true manhunt gets underway. What do these cases have in common with previous ones in the same precinct ? Will Marco find the girl on time and most of all, what is that game being played with him as a pawn ? Teaming up with the City’s finest, he will do all he can to avoid the unspeakable but time is running out… Five days of unbearable tension to save an innocent victim and stop a twisted, manipulative individual. Will it be enough ?


Guillaume Morrissette, author

A well-respected university professor in Quebec (Canada), Guillaume Morrissette has won the Award of excellence in teaching (Prix d’excellence en enseignement) the highest honorary discinction for teachers in the country. Polymath since his teenage years and active member of MENSA Canada, he lives and teaches in Trois-Rivières. He has published his first novel, La maison des vérités in 2013, which received a warm welcome from the media and readers alike.

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number of pages: 400

publication date: 03/11/2015

Original language of pub: French | Français

Materials Available: finished book