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Le jardin invisible

Le jardin invisible

by Valérie Picard
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Alone, in her grandmother’s garden, Arianne is bored. But, by means of a cute little rock, she discovers a garden, hidden between the poppies and the lotus owers. She’ll embark on an extraordinary journey that will transport her back through time. She’ll race with grasshoppers, ride on the back of dinosaurs and transform into a masterful star hunter. The invisible garden will brighten Arianne’s day in a most unexpected way. Unless, it was all a dream... Helped by the words of Valérie Picard, Marianne Ferrer offers us a unique adventure, set in the heart of a garden, where the borders between the infinite and the nite become nebulous.


Valérie Picard, author

Born in 1974, Valerie Picard loves to pretend she’s an anthropologist, and travel to foreign countries where neither French, nor English are the native languages. She draws, reads, buys way too many books (ignoring the fact that she has no more space for them), and entertains herself with online Harry Potter questionnaires in order to discover in which House the Sorting hat would place her. She enjoys taking her time, savoring a good cup of tea, laughing at her little dog Benjamin, crying at the sight of gorillas, gazing at the sky to feel infinitesimal and she loves to write.

Marianne Ferrer, illustrator

Marianne Ferrer was born in the warmth of Venezuela and emigrated to Canada in 1988. After attending Dawson College in illustration and design, she completed her education in Graphic Design at the Université du Québec à Montréal, where she studied under Michèle Lemieux. Her style is characterized by its charm, delicacy and depth.


  • An album - or is it a dream? with sweet illustrations. - Marie Allard, La Presse+ Link to review
  • A unique and indispensable dream trip to take a break from our wild world. - Marie-Claude Rioux, Hop! Sous la couette Link to review
  • To open this album is to immerse yourself in a rare and magnificent world of dreams and it is with a certain hurry that we hope to see this exceptional talent bloom again in another garden. - Chantal Fontaine, Link to review


  • Finaliste, 2017 Prix des libraires Jeunesse du Québec, category 0-5 years (Québec)
  • Winner, 2018 Lux Award, category children’s book

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Rights Holder: Monsieur Ed



rights sold: French (World), English (North America)

rights available: World, excl.: French (World) and English (North America)

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age range: 3 - 5

number of pages: 64

publication date: 08/28/2017

Original language of pub: French | Français

Materials Available: finished book

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