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by Nadine Robert
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  • early-chilhood
  • fiction
The Filpot children all love to go fishing on Sundays. Except for Elsie, who prefers to do things her own way... Why should she act like everyone else when she can follow the path along the creek or catch a fish with a buttercup? What if Elsie was right? After all, being different opens new horizons.


Nadine Robert, author

Nadine Robert is an author and book publisher from Quebec. She studied literature and education. She first worked as a video game designer and animated film scriptwriter. As she has always been fond of picture books, she created Comme des Géants and Le Lièvre de Mars, two children's books publishing houses. She has written and translated the text of many children's books. She lives near Montreal.

Maja Kastelic, illustrator

Maja Kastelic was born in Slovenia, where she studied painting (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana, 2006), philosophy and the theory of visual arts (Faculty of Humanities, Koper, 2010). Before starting her career in children’s publishing, she has worked as a retouching artist restoring frescos. She received a White Ravens Award for her silent book A BOY AND A HOUSE (Mladinska Knjiga, 2015) and was selected for the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition the same year. She also won a Levstik Award (2015), a Best Slovenian Picturebook Award (2015), among others.


  • This picture book is well paced and has vibrant colors in addition to being profoundly moving. It emphasizes the importance of being yourself and listening to your inner voice. - Les Libraires Magazine
  • This beautifully illustrated tale about a little rabbit perceiving the world differently than her siblings addresses the notion of neurodiversity. It's never heavy, and always cheerful. - Marie Allard, La Presse

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Rights Holder: Comme des géants



rights sold: Canada and USA (English), Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia

rights available: world

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age range: 4+ years

publication date: 10/22/2018

Original language of pub: french

Materials Available: finished book