List your titles in the Canada FBM2020 Online Rights Catalogue



What is the Online Rights Catalogue?

Canada FBM2020’s Online Rights Catalogue enables Canadian publishers and literary agents to promote titles that have been selected especially for the German market.

The advantage of the online catalogue is that it is free, flexible and specifically designed for a promotional campaign in Germany. At any time, you can add, cancel or change your listings in the catalogue, at no charge. Canada FBM2020 and its partners provide promotion in Germany in publications that target the German-language book world.


Submitting Your Titles – Two Steps

Step 1. In order to register your titles, you must first create an account. Click here to apply. Do you already have an account? Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2. Register your titles.


Correct, cancel or change your title listings

For any change to title listings in the catalogue, please use the following form.


Have you sold the German rights to one of your titles? Let us know!

Have you concluded a German rights deal since October 2016? If so, congratulations! We want to hear from you!

Canada FBM2020 is amassing a consolidated list of German rights deal from October 2016 to 2020. Please be sure to tell us about any rights deal you make here.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can submit titles in the Online Rights Catalogue?
    Canadian publishers and literary agents can submit titles in the Online Rights Catalogue under certain conditions. For more information on the guidelines, please contact

  2. Is there a deadline for registering titles?
    No; you can submit, cancel or change a title listing at any time.

  3. How many titles can I list?
    Each participating entity can list from 2 to 5 titles. For complete guidelines, please create a catalogue account.

  4. Can I change the cover design, title and information?
    Certainly. Send your request for changes to, along with the book title and the information to be added or changed.

  5. I’ve completed my title’s registration, but the little ball just keeps rolling; is this normal?
    No; please contact us at, and notify us about the problem and the title you registered.

  6. I’ve just registered my title and I still don’t see it up on the site; is this normal?
    Yes. A delay of 24 to 48 hours is to be expected before a title is posted online.


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