100 First Animals: A Carry Along Book

100 First Animals: A Carry Along Book

by Anne Paradis
  • animal
  • board-books
  • early-chilhood
  • inquiry

Grab your carry-along book and discover the amazing world of animals!

Packed with cute illustrations of a wide variety of animals organized by habitat, this book will help young ones expand their vocabulary and knowledge of creatures big and small.

A sturdy board book with handle that is just the right size to take everywhere!


Anne Paradis, author

Anne Paradis has been working in the wonderful world of books for the past twenty years. She is currently a publisher at Chouette Publishing (Caillou, Crackboom, City Monsters). She recently wrote her first children’s picture book, Princess Lila Builds a Tower, nominated for the Cécile-Gagnon literary award in 2017.

Annie Sechao, illustrator

Rights Holder

Rights Holder: Chouette Publishing

email: info@chouette-publishing.com

website: http://crackboombooks.com/

rights available: World (available for co-edition and licensing)

Additional Information

age range: 3 and under

number of pages: 24

publication date: 08/01/2018

Original language of pub: English

Materials Available: finished book