Amplify: Graphic Narratives of Feminist Resistance

Amplify: Graphic Narratives of Feminist Resistance

by Meg Braem & Norah Bowman
  • feminism
  • graphic-novel

In this highly original text—a collaboration between a college professor, a playwright, and an artist—graphic storytelling offers an emotionally resonant way for readers to understand and engage with feminism and resistance.

Issues of gender roles, intersectionality, and privilege are explored in seven beautifully illustrated graphic vignettes.

Each vignette highlights unique moments and challenges in the struggle for feminist social justice.

Brief background information provides context for the uninitiated, and further readings are suggested for those who would like to learn more.

Finally, carefully crafted discussion questions help readers probe the key points in each narrative while connecting specific stories to more general concepts in gender studies and feminist theory.


Meg Braem, author

Meg Braem is a Governor General Award–nominated playwright based in Calgary.

Norah Bowman, author

Norah Bowman is Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies and Professor in the English Literature Department at Okanagan College.

Dominique Hui, illustrator

Dominique Hui is a graduate of OCADU and a freelance artist/illustrator based in Toronto.

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age range: General

number of pages: 184

publication date: 05/15/2019

Original language of pub: english

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