Amy Cloutier : the year I almost flunked adolescence

Amy Cloutier : the year I almost flunked adolescence

"Amy Cloutier" series #1

by Stéphanie Lapointe
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Amy is a feisty 13-year-old with a real gift for turning her thoughts and feelings into drawings. She lives in Montreal with her father, a sewing machine repair man by day and nutty inventor by night. When he’s invited to pursue his research in Japan, young Amy is sent to a small town far away from Montreal and all her friends. She will meet a part of her family she has never heard of before and will have to adapt to a new school and a new life. Soon she will discover that this is the town where her mother lived before she died, when Amy was very young. This leads Amy to investigate the mystery behind her mother’s death and to discover a terrible truth.


Stéphanie Lapointe, author

Stéphanie Lapointe is a singer, renowned writer and actor first known in Quebec for her participation in the popular reality TV show “Star Academie,” which she won. She is the winner of a Governor General’s Award for her illustrated novel Grandfather and the Moon.

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age range: 13 and up

number of pages: 376

publication date: 03/22/2018

Original language of pub: French

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