Anatomie d'un désastre | Anatomy of a Disaster

Anatomie d'un désastre | Anatomy of a Disaster

by Serge Truffaut
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To date, there have been many books, documentaries and feature films produced that deal with the financial machinations behind the 2008 Financial Crisis, from the initial explosion to its climax. They point fingers at the villains and expose the bad actors. But what they failed to explore was the historical thread reaching back to the time when Reagan, Mulroney and Margaret Thatcher, the leader of their pack, were controlling their countries with a heavy hand.

Anatomie d’un désastre tells the story of an economic calamity initiated by the Reagan-Thatcher-Mulroney trio and overseen by Alan Greenspan and company.


Serge Truffaut, author

After having worked as a document and research officer for Radio-Canada (French-language CBC) during the 1970s, Serge Truffaut spent nearly 30 years writing articles and editorials for the Montreal daily newspaper Le Devoir. For the first 15 of those years, while assigned to the paper’s business section, he covered real estate for the most part and the financial sector in particular.


  • Truffaut’s critique is harsh, but more than that it is thoroughly researched and enlightening. Donald Trump’s election is seen as the end result of the demolition of a regulatory system inherited from Roosevelt’s New Deal. - Ulysse Bergeron, Le Devoir Link to review

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