Baby's First Hashtag

Baby's First Hashtag

by Scott Feschuk & Susan Allan
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With twenty-six Instagram-style photos accompanied by sharp and witty rhyming couplets, this sturdy abecedarian board book is baby’s first glimpse at the world they will one day grow up to inhabit — a world of hashtags, memes, manbuns, quinoa and organically sourced plaid.

Forget learning to count or differentiating between farm animals — what modern babies really need to develop is a strong sense of irony. And E is for #eyeglasses, prescription or fake. Like the wildly popular publishing phenomenon Go the F*** to Sleep, this book is not really for tots (though they will still find the glossy cardboard pages a satisfying chew). Instead, Baby’s First Hashtag makes a perfect shower gift to amuse soon-to-be and new parents as they make the painful-yet-rewarding transition from skinny jeans and flights of craft beer to burp cloths and puréed yams.


Scott Feschuk, author

Scott Feschuk is the author of two previous books, Searching For Michael Jackson’s Nose (McClelland Stewart, 2003) and How Not to Completely Suck as a New Parent (McClelland Stewart, 2004, with Paul Mather). He is the two-time winner of the Gold Award for Humour at the National Magazine Awards and has written for Maclean’s, Sportsnet, the Globe and Mail, National Post and This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Feschuk was also chief speechwriter for former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Susan Allan, author

Susan Allan is a dedicated volunteer, yoga teacher and hockey mom. She is also an award-winning journalist who now works for a non-profit that empowers kids and families to change the world. Feschuk and Allan live in Ontario, Canada.


  • It’s very rare to laugh out loud when you’re reading a book for babies, especially if you feel you have to read it over and over again. But I couldn’t help but laugh at the title of this new board book for babies, "Baby’s First Hashtag", written by Scott Feschuk and Susan Allan…"Baby’s First Hashtag" is the perfect gift for the new parent in these modern times, where ‘hashtag’ may be baby’s first word, instead of Mama or Dada…I’m telling you modern parents that you will be #hooked. - Rebecca Eckler, Link to review

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