Les dérapages de Cupidon | Cupid’s slip-ups

Les dérapages de Cupidon | Cupid’s slip-ups

"series "Baiser"" series ##1

by Marie Gray
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Baiser is a modern and bold trilogy set in our days of disposable pleasures and relationships. In the form of addictive novels with a “girls dinner party” tone and delicious dialogue, it is a scathing reflexion on love, a concept we don’t quite know how to define anymore. An incursion into the quest-for-Prince-Charming mascarade and a lucid, raw look at our society, our expectations towards relationships, sex and friendship.

Book #1: Cupid’s slip-ups Julie is on the verge of panic : only four short years before she hits the big Five-oh, the ultimate « best-before » date. Recently single, she fears growing old without sex, or anything else meaningful and embarks on The Ultimate Quest: the search for her soulmate. Disillusions, surprises, revelations… hope?


Marie Gray, author

Marie Gray’s trademark is audacity without the slightest hint of vulgarity. She is the author of the 5-book erotic compilations Stories to Make You Blush, an unprecedented success decades before 50 shades of Grey, an 8-book fiction series aimed at teenagers (prevention and awareness regarding sexual and social behavior) and a non-erotic adult novel, Once upon a voice, set in the music industry which she was a part of for fifteen years as a singer. She has many more books to come!

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number of pages: 432

publication date: 01/14/2015

Original language of pub: French | Français

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