Capitalism and the Alternatives

Capitalism and the Alternatives

by Julius H. Grey
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Capitalism and the Alternatives is a proposal for a new society liberated from the cult of frenetic growth and from multiculturalism and political correctness.

Thirty years after its global triumph, neo-liberalism is an abject failure. While its advocates have succeeded in convincing citizens that no other way is possible, they have not fulfilled their promises of a better world and the result has been more inequality, insecurity, and speculation. Many have sought solace in collective goals - nationalism, narrow religion, and gender politics - while notions of universal solidarity, idealism, and humanism have all but disappeared. In this book Julius Grey seeks to rehabilitate economic equality as a fundamental social goal built on universal values such as individualism, liberty, and even romanticism. While most commentators stake out a partisan position in their criticism, Grey's notion of individual romanticism as the basis of a socially progressive society and his stress on free will, culture, classical education, and the right to dissent demand an overhaul of both the right and the left.

A fundamental rethinking of the social, political, and economic foundations of modern industrial society, Capitalism and the Alternatives proposes freedom from identity as a condition for liberty and justice.


Julius H. Grey, author

Julius Grey is a renowned litigation lawyer, law academic, human rights activist, and author of numerous articles and other publications. He received his degrees from McGill University and Oxford and was a professor of law at McGill for twenty-five years. He has appeared more than 50 times in front of the Supreme Court of Canada, the highest tribunal in the country. He lives in Montreal.

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