Cessez de manger vos émotions

Cessez de manger vos émotions

by Catherine Senécal & Isabelle Huot
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Already 15,000 copies sold in Québec only. Advice from a nutritionist and a psychologist on rediscovering the enjoyment of eating, without guilt and anxiety.

Do you sometimes catch yourself snacking without even feeling hungry? Do you crave some foods more when you're under stress, worried or unhappy? Do you feel you've lost control when you give in to a craving? This book is for you!

The authors suggest you make peace with your body and transform your relationship with food to rediscover the pleasure of eating, without guilt or anxiety. Equipped with vast experience in supporting people who binge eat or experience episodes of compulsive eating, they have developed exercises, tips and tools that have been proven to work. By rethinking your relationship to food, by reconnecting with your body's natural signals and modifying the thoughts that cause anxiety, you will break the compulsive eating cycle and make room for the feeling of equilibrium and pride that you so deserve!


Catherine Senécal, author

A doctor of psychology, Catherine Senécal founded the Change clinic. She has worked in various private clinics, as well as in hospitals, and specializes in treating eating disorders.

Isabelle Huot, author

The author of many bestsellers, Isabelle Huot holds a doctorate in nutrition. The owner of five nutrition and weight loss clinics, she is a valued contributor to various media.

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