City Day

City Day

by Glenn Brucker
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  • fiction
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After all the campers and hikers return to the city at the end of summer, a group of animals from the forest decide to pay them a visit.

When Raccoon, Moose, Bear, Otter and their friends arrive in the big city, everyone is so excited to see them that they shout and run away with joy. The animals have a fun-filled day rampaging through the city and learning about human customs, until some new friends with large nets give them a ride back home.

Featuring humorous and charming illustrations, City Day will make young readers laugh while educating them about the importance of treating animals’ wilderness home with care and respect.


Glenn Brucker, author

Glenn Brucker studied fine art at Kwantlen Polytechnic and classical animation at Vancouver Film School. His books include Hickory’s Problem (Scholastic Canada, 2006, written by Marilyn Helmer), Ice Journey (Timeline, 2007, written by Glen Downey) and Twenty-Five Guests and a Frog Named Farley (2015), which he wrote and illustrated. Brucker lives on Vancouver Island, BC.


  • Oh, how the tables have turned! City Day is a riotous romp from beginning to end. Children and parents alike will have fun vacationing in the city with all of the animals — while at the same time the story raises an important point, how much sugar in your coffee is too much sugar? - Ken Rolston, author/illustrator, co-creator of
  • City Day is a delightfully funny story about forest animals who decide to “camp” in the city for a day. Brucker is well known among his peers for his fantastical imagery in towherethewildthingsare. The lighthearted tone of City Day will amuse readers and perhaps lead to discussions about our role and relationship to wild habitats. Or it could lead to a discussion about whether or not racoons should put LOTS of sugar into coffee. - Nancy Vo, author of The Outlaw and The Ranger
  • I found myself smiling the whole time I read this. Brucker's amusing illustrations of animals and their antics in City Day will have you and your child in giggles while pondering important questions about the interface of urban and wild habitats. How wonderful! - Robert (Lucky) Budd, co-author of A is for Anemone

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