Concord Floral

Concord Floral

  • english-from-canada
  • from-ontario
  • new-adult
  • paranormal
  • theatrical
The Decameron meets I Know What You Did Last Summer in this suburban thriller in which ten teenagers flee a plague of their own making. Concord Floral is a one-million-square-foot abandoned greenhouse and a refuge for neighbourhood kids; a place all to themselves in which to dream, dare, and come of age. But hidden there is a secret no one wants to confront, and when two friends stumble upon it they set off an unstoppable chain of events, from shadows in parking lots to phone calls from the grave. It's time for the teens of Concord Floral to start talking.


Rights Holder

Rights Holder: Playwrights Canada Press

rights available: World, excl. North America

Additional Information

number of pages: 152

publication date: 03/07/2016

Original language of pub: English

Materials Available: finished book