Courir mieux

Courir mieux

by Jean-François Harvey
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35,000 copies sold in Québec only! Running has seen an unexpected boom in recent years, reaching new heights of popularity.

This practical guide will answer questions asked by every runnerbeginner and old hand alike. How can you improve your times and minimize the risk of injuryand make running more enjoyable at the same time? It's very simple: You just have to run better, not more.

This book, unlike any other on the market, tackles the qualitative side of running, suggesting movements adapted to the body's mechanics, while taking into account each person's particular characteristics. Its specific advice for improving running technique in 10 stages covers every aspect of the sport, from your stride to your pace, and including posture, breathing and arm and leg movements. This advice is accompanied by clear explanations and sample photos, supplemented by roughly a hundred specific exercises. The book also includes guidelines for choosing shoes suitable for all kinds of running; an illustrated section on common running injuries, how to avoid them and the best treatments; and numerous training programs to prepare athletes for running a range of distances.


Jean-François Harvey, author

As an athlete, former trainer, kinesiologist and well-known osteopath, Jean-François Harvey has been aware of the effects of exercise on the back for 25 years. Mainly interested in the study of posture, he is a professor at Montreal's Collège d'études ostéopathiques, Quebec City's Collège d'études ostéopathiques and in the degree program (B.Sc. Hons.) in osteopathy accredited by the University of Wales. He treats several high-performance athletes and dancers and offers regular training to health professionals and the general public.

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