Dans la tête de Marguerite (Marguerite's World)

Dans la tête de Marguerite (Marguerite's World)

by Sylvie Roberge
  • critically-acclaimed
  • fiction
  • french-from-quebec
  • from-quebec

"My name is Marguerite. I will soon be fifteen years old. I hate being hugged. I don’t like to be kissed. I’ve always been like this. My world resembles nothing of what other girls my age go through. I constantly live in a kind of weightlessness, sheltered from time and space, in the comforting silence of solitude. I'm autistic."

Marguerite, a teenager with autism, tells of herself through her inner thoughts, her self-perception, her fears, her strange habits and mannerisms and everything else that goes on in her head and body but that she cannot express verbally.


Sylvie Roberge, author

Sylvie Roberge has always loved books. She has a Masters degree in Education, has been a teacher, an editor for different publishers, has written many, many books but this book is special and is based on a moving encounter she had with an autistic adolescent that led her to write this touching fictional story of Marguerite.


  • Best Book, 20116 Young Readers category 12 - 17 years, Communication Jeunesse
  • Shortlisted, 2015 Prix Saint-Exupéry, France

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age range: 13 and up

number of pages: 160

publication date: 12/08/2015

Original language of pub: Français | French

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