Dans la tête des animaux | Inside the animals' head

Dans la tête des animaux | Inside the animals' head

by François Y. Doré
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A cat looking out for birds, an elephant walking through the savannah, a chimpanzee staring into in a mirror—what might be going through their heads? Though animals cannot talk, recent studies show they demonstrate profound mental activity. Animals have cognitive abilities that enable them to adapt and adjust to their individual environments. It is only by trying to understand the intelligence unique to each species that we can ever truly love and respect the animals that surround us. An excellent synthesis of comparative psychology and ethology studies conducted in the last hundred years!


François Y. Doré, author

Professor emeritus at Université Laval’s School of Psychology, François Y. Doré is the author of nearly one hundred scientific publications related to animal behaviour. His research has focused on learning and memory as well as cognitive development and intelligence in mammals, birds, and fish.


  • Clear and knowledgeable, this book is as fascinating as 150 wildlife documentaries put together. - Émilie Folie-Boivin, Québec Science

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