Dear Love, I'm Ready For You

Dear Love, I'm Ready For You

"Dear Women Guide Series" series #4

by Sara Gustafson & Mandy Valpey & Jess Harvey & Heather Chapman & Chelsea Forrest & Roberta Fernandez & Carley Inglis & Apryl Norkett & Pam Davis & Christine Esovoloff & Tamara Simpers & Maryann Perri & Jess Reidell & Corinne Stratton & Danielle Laura & Jennifer Huff & Habiba Zaman & Saira Amjad
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Dear Love is a collection of stories about the power of love. Not Disney prince and princess love — real-life love. The kind that challenges you, brings you to your knees, cracks you open, and pushes you to build a better version of yourself, every single day.This transformative love is real and messy and comes in infinite packages. It is the most potent force in the world. When we open our hearts and are willing to be led by and work with this powerful force, miracles will happen.


Sara Gustafson, author

Sara Gustafson is a writer, editor, dog mama, meditator, and spiritual seeker. She believes deeply in peace, social justice, and the Oxford comma. One of her single greatest joys in life comes from helping other people tell their story, and tell it well. Sara lives with clinical depression and anxiety and is passionate about adding new techniques to her mental health management toolbox. These techniques include exercise, nutrition, meditation, prayer, journaling, and lots of naps and puppy snuggles. She speaks openly and honestly about her disease in order to help end the stigma surrounding mental illness and let others know they are not alone. The next step in Sara’s career path will include becoming a mindfulness and meditation coach and leading meditation and writing retreats. Born and raised in central Massachusetts, Sara has lived in seven U.S. states and overseas in South Korea. She currently lives in Japan with her husband and her fur-baby, Dex.

Mandy Valpey, author

Mandy is a Goddess Guide Feminine Intuition Expert. She empowers women to reconnect to their feminine core, open their hearts, and trust their innate wisdom so that they may live juicier, more vibrant, and joyful lives. Her clients come from around the world and from all different backgrounds. Together, they address personal and relationship issues, uncover triggers and trauma, and work through self-esteem blocks to discover their deepest desires. Mandy uses the expertise gained from her background in psychology, coupled with her use of empowering language, crystals, chakra balancing techniques, tarot and oracle cards, to help her clients integrate body, mind, and spirit while standing fully rooted in their feminine power. She has studied and practiced yoga and Vipassana meditation in the United States and abroad, has completed certifications in both Tantra and Jñāna yoga, has facilitated Course in Miracles groups, and led women’s circles in Northern California. ig: @goddessguidance1111 | fb:

Jess Harvey, author

Jess is a determined visionary with life experiences that have taught her the importance of a strong mindset. The world of writing came as a natural outlet after losing her dad and battling depression. Overcoming those years and learning how to not only manage her mental illness but also to speak publicly about it has become a passion of Jess’, which serves as treatment for herself and also for those to whom she speaks. Her enthusiasm for giving back has been acknowledged by many within her community. She hopes that by sharing her story with others, she can promote greater mental health awareness. Jess focuses now on coaching others to build confidence, promote self-awareness, and overcome boundaries in their own lives. ig: @jess_harv | fb: Jesse Roth-Harvey | Twitter @jessehrv

Heather Chapman, author

Heather Lee Chapman is a personal success coach with over a decade of experience helping individuals live their best lives through mindset, movement, and nutrition. She is a certified nutritional practitioner with a diploma in applied nutrition and a personal trainer specialist. Heather has a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in human kinetics, with a major in movement science and minors in biology and social sciences. She is a lifestyle and brand ambassador for Arbonne, an affiliate for the Proctor and Gallagher Institute, creative director of and an inspiring educational speaker. Heather believes we are all meant for greatness and for fulfilled and happy lives, and her mission is to ensure we all live such lives. Heather believes it is essential to treat the person as a whole — mind, body, and soul. She has helped many people, from athletes to people with brain and spinal injuries, to improve their quality of life, and she can help you to identify areas of improvement to reach your optimal physical and mental performance, identifying limiting beliefs and replacing them with affirmations and actions that serve you, thus recreating yourself to align with your truth. She can assist you to step into your power, identifying your true passion and purpose and what you are truly here to do.

Chelsea Forrest, author

Chelsea Forrest is a Human Resources Administrator for the Royal Canadian Navy, as well as a writer, mother, wife, and surrogate. She is so excited to be completing her first written project. Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Chelsea now lives in Victoria, British Columbia with her spitfire daughter, the most caring husband, and three ferocious felines. In her free time, Chelsea enjoys watching horror movies, playing board games, hiking, and taking in the arts in all their idioms. She is dedicated to helping improve the lives of those around her and guiding others on their path to happiness.

Roberta Fernandez, author

Roberta Fernandez is a wife, daughter, sister, author, teacher, counselor, psychotherapist, consultant, and woman of color. Roberta is the founder of A Space to Pause Psychotherapy Practice in South Pasadena, CA. She received her undergraduate degree in business administration from UC Riverside in 2000 and her master’s of science in clinical psychology in 2012. Since then, she has become a psychotherapist who enjoys working with people of all ages. She has been working in Catholic school settings for five years as a counselor, which has provided her a unique opportunity to assist children and teenagers with improving their social and emotional well-being. Roberta is passionate about nurturing children’s souls by introducing them to the basics of self-love and the use of meditation and mindfulness practices. Roberta started meditating at the age of nine, and now teaches meditation individually and in the classroom to students in pre-k through eighth grade. Roberta is also a consultant for businesses looking to improve morale and relationships within their work environments. Roberta is passionate about learning about cultures different than her own. She has been a missionary with Mustard Seed Communities in Jamaica, and San Lucas Tolimon in Guatemala. Roberta enjoyed visiting and living within these communities to absorb, learn, and coexist in their cultures and traditions. Roberta loves to bring humor and laughter wherever she goes and to have fun! She loves to travel, do yoga, attend spin class, write, and visit meditation studios wherever she goes, and she enjoys dreaming, traveling, creating, and learning in her spare time. She is constantly in search of ways to grow, learn, and get the most out of her life. She recently took an acting class for fun and enjoys trying new activities that involve adventure. ig : @aspacetopause | fb: @roberta.gomez.mft | Twitter: @aspacetopause

Carley Inglis, author

Carley is a social butterfly. Her perfect place is somewhere on a beach in the sun and sand, surrounded by great people. She enjoys spending time building strong and lasting relationships and learning from those in her life. In 2017, Carley left her corporate career where she was a manager of learning and development and founded Clearly Learning Solutions. She has since supported larger retailers such as TJX Canada and Holt Renfrew, but works primarily with small startups, not-for-profits and independent retailers on program design and delivering learning modules to set them up for success. Carley is an expert facilitator and prefers working with groups in classroom and workshop settings. She is regarded as one of the best in retail for her ability to design workbooks to set employees up for success to execute all areas of standard operating practice. Carley is also an avid volunteer. Almost as important to her as her two dogs, she volunteers regularly and in a variety of ways. From chairing her board of directors to volunteering in bottle, food and toy drives, to spending weeks in the summer at camps for children with cancer, she believes giving back is the least she can do for having such a great life. Carley lives her life by two simple rules: keep things simple and “it is none of your business what people say behind your back” and she believes that these two things help keep her living her best and happiest life! ig: @clearly_carley | fb: @Clearly-Consulting

Apryl Norkett, author

Apryl grew up in Ottawa, Canada. Although she graduated high school with honors, she chose not to continue her studies out of a fear of not knowing what her passion was. After high school, Apryl moved to Toronto to try to start over. While the years passed, the same problems seemed to repeat themselves, so she began to teach herself different ways of dealing with life. Apryl has now studied numerous books and audios, and she has attended multiple conferences that deal with mental mastery. Researching alternative methods to benefit the body has also become a huge part of her life. She has now found her passion for personal development and growth and continues to help other people grow along with her. Her experience with depression in her early years continues to push her forward, and her caring and genuine personality want nothing but the best for everybody. In the future, Apryl hopes to create a retreat that helps people control their minds and boost their bodies using a variety of techniques. Ig: @aprylnorkett | fb: @AprylNorkett

Pam Davis, author

Pam Davis is a coach, teacher, writer, and late bloomer who guides women and men who are ready to increase the love, joy, and meaning in their lives. Her late-in-life journey to self-love was the beginning of every part of her life changing. Now she shares her story and her strengths with others as they learn to love themselves, right where they are now. Pam became a Catalyst Life Coach with JRNI and now works for that company as the Class Coach for all incoming students. She also has her own coaching practice and focuses on self-love and supporting others along their road to self-compassion and acceptance. She loves to laugh, hug, and get to know you. Gratitude, creativity and community matter. She hears your heart before you do. Pam’s proudest milestones are leaving her job of thirty years to create her new path and finding a bridge to peace and love with her mom before she died. It’s never too late to start the next chapter!

Christine Esovoloff, author

Tenacious, fiery, enthusiastic, and funny: these are the words Christine’s friends used to describe her when she asked for a little feedback for this biography. That and indecisive, but she thought that would be best left out. So how does Christine describe herself? As a laughter lover, awkwardness expert, gratitude enthusiast, food and wine connoisseur, and self-love devotee! An advertising sales executive by day and a rock star writer by night (assuming rock stars go to bed at nine), Christine has always had a passion for telling stories and entertaining people. She got her first writing gig on a whim when she offered to be a columnist for an online newspaper, and things just took off from there. When her career in sales required her to leave the column behind, she started a blog to keep up with her passion. Christine resides in sunny Okanagan, BC, with her kids, fiancé, and dog. When she is not sipping Okanagan wine with loved ones, you can usually find her hiking or getting bendy in a hot yoga class. ig: @the_ginger_journal

Tamara Simpers, author

Tamara Simpers is in constant pursuit of reinventing herself to achieve her dreams. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. Tamara provides psychotherapy to incarcerated women and finds the work rewarding and sacred. She previously worked in community mental health and community college settings, offering psychotherapy as a graduate student. Tamara is interested in growing as a clinician, a professional, and a person. In doing so, she strives to learn more about various areas of mental health and social justice. Tamara works hard to maintain a balance between her roles as student, clinician, wife, mother, stepmother, daughter, sister, and friend. She believes in the healing effects of spirituality and connection to community. She takes part in activities that rejuvenate her spirit, such as cycling, swimming, hiking, and spending time with her family. Additionally, she enjoys jury duty, collecting picnic baskets, and meditating with her cat. Her previous career was in mortgage lending, where she learned about work ethic and sharing goals with a team. Tamara believes that we can use all experiences to cultivate growth, maturity, connection with others, and change. Her goals are to continue evolving as a person and to be a tool of healing for others.

Maryann Perri, author

Maryann Perri is a self-proclaimed “super-mom” with a big heart and an empathetic approach toward people. She is an overachiever with an abundance of energy and an overzealous love for life and adventure. A graduate of York University with a post-graduate diploma from Seneca College, she majored in corporate communications, landing several exciting jobs along the way. She married her high school sweetheart in 2002 and soon after moved to Mexico, where she dedicated herself to teaching English. Fourteen years, three kids, two dogs, and an entire new circle of friends later, Maryann mastered speaking Spanish and developed a love for the Mexican culture, food, people, and country. Maryann’s husband and her children, Cristian, Mia, and Alexia are her pride and joy. Full of spunk, laughter, and passion, Maryann deems life to be an adventure that one must continuously challenge. She always fills the room with her big personality and believes we are not meant to live in a “square box,” rather, we must take chances to add zest and variety to our journey. She feels change is necessary for our development as human beings. Her goal is to drive people to find their happiness. “Everything happens for a reason” is her mantra, and she has found that tragedy has allowed her to see the good in every situation. In her free time, Maryann loves to cook, travel, exercise, read, and spend quality time with her friends, family, husband, and children. ig: @maryannperri | fb:

Jess Reidell, author

Jess Reidell is an Intuitive Life Coach, passionate stage actress, Oracle Card aficionado, and lover of all things mystical and magical. She loves humor, dogs, comedy improvisation, and big glasses of bold red wine. Since 1992, her wish whenever she throws a coin into a fountain or blows out her birthday candles has been “To always having a great time, no matter what.” Jess left corporate America in 2016 to become a Coach after she had an epiphany when her husband asked her on her forty-fifth birthday how it felt to be “halfway to ninety.” She now helps her clients break free of the corporate “golden handcuffs” in order to become entrepreneurs or design their own soul-aligned careers. She loves helping others tap into their own intuition, genius and magic, and she believes the world is a better place when women stop competing with one another and instead cheer each other on and lift each other up. Jess grew up in the Caribbean on the island of Jamaica. She attended Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia and received her master’s degree in theater performance from Louisiana State University. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Dave, teenage son Max, and mischievous American Eskimo rescue dog, Cinco. ig: @agelessjess | fb: @jess.reidell | li: (Private Facebook Group)

Corinne Stratton, author

Corinne Walsh Stratton is incredibly excited to make her publishing debut with such a phenomenal group of women. She is a wife, mother, blogger, artist, quilter, and the world’s most average runner. She is incredibly proud of her career path, starting out studying theater and costume design and winding up as a physician assistant in orthopedic surgery. She holds bachelor’s degrees in both theater arts and health science and a master’s of physician assistant studies. Corinne resides in Central Massachusetts with her wonderful husband, fiery daughter, and tiny dog.

Danielle Laura, author

Danielle is a mission-driven former corporate medical executive turned spiritual entrepreneur who has spent the last decade innovating therapy work and leading teams of change makers. This work has given her an exceptional understanding of human behavior and what it takes for lasting transformation and success at every level. As the founder of H.O.T. Souls ™ Individual and Couples Coaching, Danielle is passionate about helping people shift their entire paradigm so they can shift and change the world through deep honesty, openness, and transparency. Her mission is to help change makers ground into their truth, master their gifting to amplify their zone of genius, cultivate H.O.T., thriving relationships, and up-level their life in transformative ways in order to live fully expressed lives professionally and personally while making their greatest impact. Danielle has a master’s degree in counseling, a bachelor’s degree in health science, and is a Certified Reiki Master Healer. fb: @daniellelauracoaching | ig: _daniellelaura_]]

Jennifer Huff, author

Jennifer Huff knows no limitations. A free-spirited, intuitive, nature-loving, fire-walking badass, she recently discovered her passion for teaching holistic self-care. She is a living example of the healing power of love. Her spiritual, mental, and physical philosophies were forged in her own experiences in sorrow, self-discovery, and truest joy. Her diverse and expansive studies provide her with knowledge of self-healing, esoteric and occult sciences, holistic psychology, archeology, and Stephen King. She is fully committed to exposing every human possible to their own capacities of healing and co-creation, encouraging others to fully embrace the chaos of the universe, love themselves completely, and break cycles of self-sabotage. She gratefully acknowledges the love and support of her husband, the Magnificent Hippie in Oregon, and dedicates her work to her son Kayun, whom she loves the most.

Habiba Zaman, author

Habiba Jessica Zaman-Tran, NCC LPC, has a master’s degree in professional counseling specializing in trauma and is owner of North Star of Georgia Counseling. With fifteen years of experience in the counseling field including counseling, advocacy, guidance, and education, she believes that as awareness of one’s fears, perceptions, desires, and strengths increases, one can make successful life changes. The development of self-awareness by becoming more honest with oneself can initiate the authenticity that often results in healing, transformation, and a fuller life. Habiba has thirteen publications that started with But I’m Just Playing, a children’s book published in 2012. Her latest co-authored works, Beautifully Bare, Undeniably You, and the original You’ve Got This, Mama, both released in 2018. She also coauthored in the previous volume of this series, Dear Time, Are You on My Side? Habiba is of Bangladeshi and American descent. She has two children and lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her family. ig: @habibti_zaman | fb: habibajessicazaman | fb: northstarofgeorgia

Saira Amjad, author

Saira Amjad is a Pakistani-Canadian poet, best-selling author, certified coach, entrepreneur, speaker, single mom, and self-love advocate. She came to Canada at the age of eleven and found herself bonding with art and writing as a form of self-expression. Coming from an immigrant family, she has been passionate about creating a better life. Saira started her career at the age of twenty-one and very quickly progressed. She was at the peak of her career in project management at the time of her marriage and made a tough decision to leave her career behind to start her married life. Not too long after getting married, she found herself living in the midst of abuse and hit rock bottom. Since then, Saira invested thousands of dollars in her personal development to learn, grow, heal, and expand in order to rebuild her life alongside her young daughter. Her debut book, And So She Rises, quickly became an international bestseller on Amazon. It is a deeply intimate collection of poems about her struggle through a failed arranged marriage, a suicide attempt, sexual abuse, pressures to be “the perfect Muslim woman,” and her journey to learn how to love herself. Saira has emerged as a strong and compassionate woman who is an inspiration for men and women around the globe. As a coach, she helps women break free of the chains, embrace the goddess within, and build a fabulous empire. She strongly believes that no one should ever have to live in fear, hate, lack, abuse, or depression. ig: @iamsairaamjad | fb: @iamsairaamjad| | tw: @iamsairaamjad


  • "Dear Love" shows that the journey to self-love is not always pretty, easy, or linear. These courageous women share their empowering and vulnerable stories of perseverance and strength, revealing a variety of pathways to help anyone to find love for themselves within. - - Laurie Trefaller, life coach and yoga instructor @lauriet.breathe
  • The messages and beautiful stories in this book will not only uplift your mind but touch your heart and soul. Now more than ever we need to understand, believe in and stand for love. The power of love will change and heal the world - grab this book as your guide. - Shannon Kaiser, bestselling author of The Self-Love Experiment and Joy Seeker

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