En as-tu vraiment besoin ?

En as-tu vraiment besoin ?

by Pierre-Yves McSween
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Written by an extremely popular and likeable financial columnist who hosts his own television show, this essential book will soon become the best friend you ever had. It explains the intricacies of such concepts as loans, credit cards, and life insurance— in an understandable manner! —, as well as the traps, pitfalls and dangers of trends such as reward programs, techno gadgets and comparing ourselves to the neighbour who just has everything.

Basically, this no-nonsense Bible for the ages encourages us to ask ourselves a quite simple question: “do I really need that?”. And, more importantly, to ask it BEFORE spending rather than once the bailiff shows-up at your door! Do you need this book? Absolutely. It is the wisest investment you’ll ever make!


Pierre-Yves McSween, author

Pierre-Yves McSween is an accountant who, apart from his numerous radio and television interventions, teaches personal finances at a Quebec university. Very popular columnist, he is appreciated for his straight talk, his brash and sometimes ironic humour as well as his “straight-to-the-point” methods. He is currently working on a second book which will be published in September 2018 as well as on a student’s manual based on the material from this book which will be used in official teaching programs in college.

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