Endless Hunger

Endless Hunger

by Kevin Weir
  • sci-fi-fantasy

The new world is full of wireless technologies, medical marvels, and advanced security. It's 2133, and Earth has rebuilt after a global catastrophe. Megacities, wireless tech, and augmented humans are all commonplace. What isn't common, is Kraft. Kraft sees monsters. This tends to get him in trouble, especially when the rest of the world doesn't believe they exist. For Kraft, even an easy job like cleaning a corporation's computer system involves a dark cult, a battle with faeries, and a computer virus that reaches into the real world.

"A lot of what I believe makes Endless Hunger stand out is how it deals with the multiple genres it spans. The world that New Montreal exists in is built upon sci-fi technologies (Wireless communication, smart clothing, advanced security), but Kraft is dealing with fantasy problems (Faeries, vampires, wizards). Rather than juxtaposing the elements of science and magic, my work looks at the parallels. It sees how those parts of each genre can mix to create something new."
- Kevin Weir, author


Kevin Weir, author

Kevin Weir is an AMPIA Award winning writer of science fiction, fantasy, and comedy. A multidisciplinary storyteller, he has written short films, webseries, stageplays, as well as short stories. These short stories have appeared in places such as Red Sun Magazine, Enigma Front, and In Places Between. He lives in Alberta where he hosts The Third Space Podcast and lives with two dogs that he does not own, but are always around.


  • Mr. Weir has done a beautiful job at marrying science fiction and fantasy in a way that makes you want to question once more if magic could indeed be real, and hiding under our noses. If you love fantasy, action, futuristic cities, and the analytical thinking of a roguish detective, then this book is for you! - Stephanie van Steenoven, On Line Review
  • I really enjoyed the mythology of this post-apocalypse New Montreal. It’s busy, high tech and shiny, but if you go out of the "safe" zones, the after effects of war are evident - collapsed buildings, radiation, and an increase of things that go bump in the night.. - Kim, All Things Urban Fantasy Link to review

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