Essentials of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Essentials of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

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Provide the best care for young patients with this essential reference.

• Sharpen your practice with a guided approach to pathophysiology, history taking, physical examinations, diagnostic imaging, differential diagnoses, and treatment options.
• Keep a comprehensive review of common pediatric emergencies at your fingertips. 
• Find what you need quickly and easily in clear, bulleted points.
• Sharpen your readiness for board exams with this valuable supplemental resource. 

This high-yield resource provides residents and physicians with a powerful tool to help diagnose and treat the most common pediatric emergencies. Whether you’re a clinician staying current with the latest information or a resident studying for your board exams, Essentials of Pediatric Emergency Medicine will help you stay on top of your field.

Sections include:

General Assessment and Management;
Acute Presentations;
Cardiac Emergencies;
Neurologic Emergencies;
Respiratory Emergencies;
Musculoskeletal Emergencies;
Endocrine Emergencies;
Hematology/Oncology Emergencies;
Rheumatological Emergencies;
Infectious Disease Emergencies;
Ophthalmology Emergencies;
Dermatology Emergencies;
Otorhinolaryngology Emergencies;
Gastrointestinal Emergencies;
Neonatal Emergencies;
Genitourinary Emergencies;
Renal Emergencies;
and Environmental Emergencies.


Rahim Valani, editor

Dr. Rahim Valani is an Assistant Professor at McMaster University and a pediatric emergency physician at McMaster Children’s Hospital. He is a graduate of Queen’s University and completed his specialist training in Canada, the UK and Australia. He is trained in both adult and pediatric emergency medicine, and completed his Masters in Medical Education from the University of Dundee. Dr. Valani was recognized recently as a Global Scholar by the Peter A. Silverman Centre for International Health as a Co-Director of the International Pediatric Emergency Medicine Elective and other outreach programs. He has a strong interest in medical education, specifically in curriculum development, including inter-professional education, international medical education and development of educational plans.


  • Shortlisted, 2019 Alberta Book Awards, Learning

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