Et au pire, on se mariera

Et au pire, on se mariera

by Sophie Bienvenu
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Aïcha lives at her mom’s house in South Central Montréal. She isn’t yet 18, not even 15, as she claims. She’s never known her dad, and is mad at her mom for leaving Hakim, her stepfather. As friends, she only has Mel and Jo, two neighbourhood prostitutes, and Baz, a musician in his twenties who comes to her rescue and with whom she falls in love. Her impossible love for Baz combined with her precociousness and rebellious impulsivity create an explosive cocktail.

«If all else fails, we’ll get married» is the raw, devastating story of Aïcha’s deposition.


Sophie Bienvenu, author

Sophie Bienvenu was born in Belgium but settled in Québec in 2001. She published her first novel, Et au pire, on se mariera, in 2011. Since, she published two more novels at Le Cheval d’août éditeur, Chercher Sam» (2014) et Autour d’elle (2016), as well as a poetry book, Ceci n’est pas de l’amour at Poètes de brousse (2016). She is also the author of a recurring series, (k), at La courte échelle (2009).


  • Sophie Bienvenu has written a striking novel. The tone is perfect, the raw, heavy, dramatic subject stays with you long after it’s been read. - Anne-Marie Aubin,, Journal Mobiles
  • You can’t put this book down until its heartbreaking finale. - Chantal Guy, La Presse


  • Winner, Arcades of Bologna Prize
  • Winner, Chambéry First Novel Festival Prize
  • Finaliste, 2012, Prix littéraire des collégiens

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Rights Holder: Groupe d'édition la courte échelle



rights sold: French (World), Theatre adaptation, Film adaptation

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number of pages: 160

publication date: 10/14/2011

Original language of pub: French

Materials Available: finished book