Explaining Autism to the Non-Autistic

Explaining Autism to the Non-Autistic

by Lise St-Charles & Brigitte Harrison
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This book takes an introspective, courageous and unique look at autism, based on actual experience of people with an ASD. It’s all about understanding how an autistic brain is different from a neurotypical brain, and how differently it processes the information it receives.

The topics covered include how something as simple as taking a shower can be so painful for an autistic person; what kinds of things can trigger a crisis situation; and how hand-flapping — something that can be so off-putting to others — is actually a way for people on the autism spectrum to make sense of the world and their surroundings.

Presented in a question-and-answer format, Explaining Autism to the Non-Autistic explores around 50 key things that make autistic people tick and provides advice based on a new understanding of ASDs that is gaining ground with neurologists.


Lise St-Charles, author

Lise St-Charles is a therapist and specialist on autism spectrum disorders (ASD). She has worked in the autism field for more than 40 years and is internationally recognized for her experience participating in clinical studies and developing ASD assessment tools. She was also involved in developing certificate and degree courses at Université de Montreal on working with ASDs and supervising ASD therapy.

Brigitte Harrison, author

Social worker Brigitte Harrisson was diagnosed as autistic at the age of 38. As a child, she suffered from extreme sensory sensitivity, and she went through some painful experiences in her teens. Today she is a respected guest speaker in Quebec, France and Switzerland and a lecturer at Université du Quebec à Rimouski. She is one of the few people out there who can provide an insider’s and an outsider’s perspective on the issues surrounding autism.


  • […] [As] easy to read as a novel, using realistic examples that must have been drawn from experience. The recollections shared by Brigitte Harrisson, autistic herself, illustrate the message well and Kim Thúy’s reflections are touching. The advice for families is most relevant [...]. - Mon coin lecture

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