by M. C. Joudrey
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Still recovering from a devastating automobile hack, Winnipeg's autonomous motorized machinery has been effectively and permanently crippled. Someone is to blame. No one is claiming responsibility. Municipal police have succumbed to corruption. Hard currency has gone the way of the dodo. Bison have escaped Fort Whyte Alive. And of course, there are the mosquitoes, lots of them. Dragonflies fill the sky in a futile attempt to control the blood sucking swarms. Thankfully, there's no shortage of Slurpees. Not half bad. Jack couldn't be sure of much, but he knew why he made the move to Winnipeg; it was the one place no one would ever look for him. There was probably better choice. A street artist whose infamy and unique guerrilla art has influenced a number of radical political changes, Jack is now under the scrutiny of international authorities that want him found and stopped. Dead would be best. His only protection is his anonymity (or so he thinks). Tracked by a relentless special agent, Jack has to navigate the absurdity of the city and the eccentric characters that proudly claim it as their home.

Sleepy central Canada is about to wake up to a helluva lot of noise, whether the residents like it or not.


M. C. Joudrey, author

Canadian writer, artist and designer. His second novel Of Violence and Cliché was released September 2013, followed by his collection of short stories Charleswood Road: Stories in August 2014, which was nominated for a 2015 Manitoba Book Award. His forthcoming novel Fanonymous will be released by At Bay Press.

M.C. Joudrey has also been a member of the submission selection committee for the CBC Short Fiction Prize and a jury member for the Manitoba Book Awards. His titles reside in permanent legislative and national government collections. He is also a bookbinder and a number of his works are held in galleries internationally.

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publication date: 04/16/2019

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