Grandmother's Stories

Grandmother's Stories

by Daniel Auger
  • indigenous
  • religion-spirituality
  • wilderness-outdoors-nature
Canada’s First Nations are rich with creation legends passed down through the generations. From the Haida of the West Coast to the Mi’kmaq of the East, Creation stories from a wide array of First Nations cultures are collected in this volume. One example from the Haida is the trickster Raven who opened a giant clamshell he found washed upon the beach, and when he opened it, out popped tiny human beings. Another is from the Siksika, an Old Man came from the south and made the world as he walked along. One day he made a woman and a man out of clay, and Old Man taught them how to survive in the world he created.


Daniel Auger, author

Daniel Auger is the author of two titles for Eschia Books, Grandmother's Stories and Watishka Warriors

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