Great Chiefs (Volume 1)

Great Chiefs (Volume 1)

by Tony Hollihan
  • biography
  • indigenous
A tribute to the courageous chiefs and warriors who fought to protect their people and preserve the native way of life in the face of European expansion across North America. Sequoyah, a Cherokee who invented a system of writing for his people Sitting Bull, the powerful warrior and spiritual leader of the Lakota Sioux who doggedly fought white incursions on Sioux land Chief Joseph, who led the Nez Perce on a heroic and doomed flight to freedom Louis Riel, who was hanged as a traitor after fighting to protect the Metis. Red Cloud, who fought with Sitting Bull to prevent settlers from crossing Sioux lands Quanah Parker, the Comanche chief who led his people in the fight to preserve their homelands.


Tony Hollihan, author

Dr. Tony Hollihan is an educator, author and historian who has held a lifelong fascination with the historical and sometimes mythic figures of North America. Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Dr. Hollihan developed his interest in history at an early age and pursued it at Memorial University of Newfoundland and later at the University of Alberta. He has a Ph.D. in the History of Education and a Masters degree in Canadian and American history. He continues to share his interest in history through teaching and writing. He is the author of several books in Folklore Publishing’s Legends series, including Kootenai Brown, Sitting Bull in Canada, Great Chiefs, Volumes I and II, and the forthcoming title Frontiersmen. Dr. Hollihan lives in Edmonton (where he dreams of the ocean) with his wife Laureen and their three sons.

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