Gross and Disgusting Things About the Human Body

Gross and Disgusting Things About the Human Body

by Joanna Emery
  • for-boys
  • nonfiction
The human body may be a wonder of natural engineering but it also can be pretty gross and bad-smelling. In this fearless little book, find the answers to such profound questions as to why boogers are green, why do farts smell, and where does belly button lint come from? Dare to read on!


Joanna Emery, author

Joanna Emery was born in London, England, but was raised in Canada, in particular the cities of Ottawa, Calgary and Hamilton. She's a writer, news watcher, web surfer, chocolate eater, motorcycle mama and aspiring world traveler. She lives in Dundas, Ontario, with her husband and three children.

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age range: 13 and up

number of pages: 232

publication date: 06/19/2007

Original language of pub: English

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