Grosse | Fat

Grosse | Fat

"Hamac" series

by Lynda Dion
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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Eight images emerge from our narrator’s past, reminding her of a drama that has never been resolved -- that of her body held captive at knifepoint. After thirty years of endless dieting, nothing has changed for a woman obsessed with having the perfect body. The outcome is that she has grown fatter than ever. An urgency to fend off death has pushed her to the limit. Her body is dissected, drawn and quartered, shamelessly exposed in words revealing a truth that is far from pretty. All due to a suffocating shame that has plagued her from childhood through adolescence and into young adulthood, even in her first sexual experiences. She revisits the past and looks into the distorted mirror of other people’s eyes without turning aside, to give herself permission to exist in a final duel with death.


Lynda Dion, author

Dion’s books are unflinching in taking on topics that call for complete disclosure. She divides her time between writing, teaching and studying literary subjects. In addition to Grosse, she has brought out La Dévorante, La Maîtresse and Monstera deliciosa with Hamac


  • The reflection undertaken in "Grosse" concludes with an evisceration. All the pieces have been spat out, powerful words that break through the taboos and express what others live through with no more than a whisper. - Isabelle Morin, La Presse+ Link to review
  • Daring to venture into the trenches is often the terrain of the “true story,” with its roots in auto-fiction. - Karine Tremblay, La Tribune Link to review
  • An account that will leave no reader indifferent. Lynda Dion is now offering us what is certainly her best novel yet. - Billy Robinson, Les Libraires Link to review
  • "Grosse", therefore, is not one of those first-person accounts written by a plump woman who exhorts her peers to accept their weight and learn to love their midriff rolls. While that agenda is not to be condemned out of hand, it appears to lack ambition in comparison with what Lynda Dion has taken on, which is to go after the mercantile logic that makes our bodies into commodities rated higher or lower on the Beauty Market. - Le Devoir Link to review
  • It doesn’t matter how you look at your body, you have to read this! - Marie-Louise Arsenault, Radio-Canada Link to review

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publication date: 02/13/2018

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