Heart for Life - Global Cardiovascular Prevention

Heart for Life - Global Cardiovascular Prevention

by Martin Juneau
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Cardiovascular diseases are the principal cause of mortality in the world. Every year, more people die from cardiovascular disease, including stroke, than from any other cause: about 17.5 million in 2012, which represents 31% of all deaths. Among these, 7.4 million are due to coronary illness while 6.7  million are caused by stroke, or cerebrovascular accident (CVA).

With the aid of high-quality images similar to those used in other titles in this series, Dr. Martin Juneau examines specific case studies taken from his own vast clinical practice to explain the new issues in heart health in language accessible to the non-specialist. Dr. Juneau describes the incredible importance of exercise and diet and the unsuspected role played by stress and air pollution, shows us how the heart works, explains coronary bypasses and other rescue operations, takes us through promising new research, and, sadly, reminds us that it is indeed possible to die of a broken heart.

He shares his conviction that chronic diseases and especially cardiovascular disease need not be a protracted death sentence and that it is possible, through lifestyle modification, to live longer in better health.


Martin Juneau, author

Cardiologist Martin Juneau is Director of Prevention at the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI), renowned as the North American leader in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and the first Canadian hospital recognized by the World Health Organization as a health-promoting hospital.

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