Her Art Of Surrender: A Collection of Stories About Learning How to Let Go and Follow Intuition (second edition)

Her Art Of Surrender: A Collection of Stories About Learning How to Let Go and Follow Intuition (second edition)

by Tina Schomburg & Stephanie Davis & Coryn Briggs & Charleyne Oulton & Briana Gagne & Sarah Rhinelander & Sara Gustafson & Nicole Martin & Narelle Clyde & Michelle Tonn & Kristen Stuckenberg & Jennifer Boudreau & Effie Mitskopoulos
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Are you stuck? Are you in a situation that does not feel right but letting go seems impossible? Do you feel the pull or nudge? Have you worked so hard to get to where you are, only to realize it’s not what you envisioned and you want to keep moving, experiencing, living, creating?

Learn with us how to surrender to change. As you read this collection of stories written by women who are figuring out their way through divorce, loss, abuse, judgement, motherhood, and being a woman, you will find a piece of your story in their words and the courage to surrender in ways you never dreamed possible.

Her Art of Surrender is a book about learning to trust yourself.


Tina Schomburg, author

Tina Schomburg is a lighthouse that points the way to your inner com­pass. As a writer and poet, she inspires and empowers us to embark on a journey inward to discover the true magnificence within all of us. While pen and paper have always felt like a natural extension of her essence, Tina didn’t share her introspective prose until cancer broke her open. This intimate encounter with death set her soul on fire and sent her blazing into the heart of the world. Her writing is infused with so much love that her words have been coined as “soul hugs” by many readers. Tina has an uncanny ability to bridge spirituality with practicality, of­fering a down-to-earth perspective of our cosmic existence. Her mis­sion as a social entrepreneur and health activist is to guide others through challenging transitions and personal transformations. With a deep connection to nature, she seeks counsel from Mother Earth, who teaches her the ways of grace through every phase of life and death. With a grateful heart, Tina channels this wisdom through every aspect of her work, challenging us to inquire deeply into the nature of our Self. Tina operates on the fuel of service, and is devoted to creating a world filled with love and compassion for generations to come. Her daily reminder to lead by example is rooted in the principle that if we heal ourselves, we heal the world. You can track her down to get your daily dose of soul hugs here: fb: @tinaschomburgauthor ig: @tinaschomburg

Stephanie Davis, author

Stephanie Davis is multi-faceted and loves all things that meld logic and intuition. She grew up alternating between dance recitals and math team meets and never felt like she was proficient at one thing in particular. She graduated third in her class in high school, and went on through college to earn a bachelor of science degree in aeronau­tical engineering. A few months into her first engineering job after graduating, she had a health scare and multiple surgeries that would forever send her life in a new direction. With a newfound reverence for health and wellbeing, Stephanie dove into all things health, nutrition, and personal development. She start­ed her healthy eating blog in 2012 to share her new discoveries. In 2017, she graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a health coach and founded Embracing the Mess Health & Wellness. She’s here to teach women to embrace their bodies and trust their intuition so they can create the wellness and life perfect for them in this imperfect, messy world. Stephanie now lives in the Marshall Islands with her husband and loves traveling, cooking, problem solving, coaching, and blogging. She brings a special synergy of practicality and instinct to every proj­ect and client. www.etmhealth.com fb: @embracingthemess ig: @healthcoachingbysteph

Coryn Briggs, author

Coryn grew up on the west coast of Canada in Nanaimo, British Columbia. As a young girl, she had a fire inside of her, a calling to be more and do more in the world. She’s always had a deep sense of compassion and desire to people and has been a leader since a young age. She always wanted to teach and inspire others. When Coryn was pregnant with her daughter eight years ago, things shifted for her. She went through a transformational process in which she decided that she was ready to ignite that fire within and unveil the deep self-love she knew existed within her. Coryn is a women’s empowerment coach. She travels across Canada teaching workshops on empowerment, be­lief re-patterning, Reiki, and yoga. Coryn has the ability to inspire and lead others with a sense of ease and confidence. In her presence, people feel calmness, unconditional love, and acceptance. She leads with love and lives her truth in all she does. Coryn believes that every person has intuitive gifts, and it’s her calling to help them step into their desired life. www.corynbriggs.com | coryn@corynbriggs.com fb: @coryn.briggs | @cnbriggs ig: @coryn_briggs #bethelove

Charleyne Oulton, author

Charleyne Oulton is a confident, happy, and divorced stay-at-home mom of three children who lives on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC. She is genuine, experienced, and passionate about creating and maintaining a life full of peace and joy. She is also an appreciated health and wellness coach, author, and photographer, even through the busy and beautiful chaos of raising a family. It is her purpose to inspire women, and specifically the busy, overworked, and exhaust­ed mothers around the world, to remember their personal strength. That they, along with us all, are deserving of living a life filled with health, happiness, and harmony. www.coachcharleybrown.com fb: coachcharleybrownig ig: coach.charley.brown

Briana Gagne, author

Briana Gagné is a thirty-year-old VP in the nine-to-five world, host of the You Are Here podcast, writer, self-care advocate, wife, bonus mom, and religious attendee of the church of self-improvement. Raised in California, she graduated from San Diego State University in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies. Post-college, she gypsied around multiple cities on opposite coasts before deciding to plant her roots in the Pacific Northwest. Previously a deep-rooted people-pleaser, she began to find her authentic self in the surrender of should. A known reading enthusiast, it is not uncommon to find Briana wander­ing a local bookstore, in downward dog, or sipping tea. She has a daily meditation practice during which she usually falls asleep, but is still proud of herself. And, if asked, she will deny how much time she spends giggling at animal videos. Briana believes everyone has a story and hopes to inspire others by sharing hers. She knows she can’t change the world but believes if we each work to change our own worlds, we have the ability to create a positive ripple effect capable of transcending. Equal parts wander­lust and homebody, this woman finds life is all about balance (which is an illusion, by the way, but we try to get as close as we can). The art of surrender has become some of her favorite soul work. Briana lives in Oregon with her loves: her husband, the Zs, and their furbaby. She is currently working on her first novel. ig: briana_gagne

Sarah Rhinelander, author

Sarah was born into a lineage of wise women, artists, earth advocates, farmers, and healers. An avid traveler, she began to venture out into the world at an early age, where she learned profound lessons on the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life and all people. Shortly after graduating from Cornell University, Sarah was guided to magical Hawaii and began her studies in traditional Lomi Lomi, Rolfing Structural Integration, Ayurveda, Birth Work, and superfood nutrition and cleansing. Above all else, Sarah is a student of transformation. She has guided, supported, and coached thousands of people to move through lim­iting patterns and beliefs and to more fully choose how to walk upon this earth. A successful mamapreneur, she finds great joy in support­ing women and mothers to design their lives and heal their relation­ships with money, receiving, and reclaiming. A mother of three and long-time resident of Kauai, Sarah is raising her own children in the Waldorf way. Nature, beauty, simplicity, truth, kindness, and wisdom are her muses and she strives to incorporate these elements into her life and that of her children. Her twenty-year practice of yoga and meditation, plant-based diet, and the wisdom of the earth inform and inspire her every day. www.mymamamagic.com | www.blissmother.com fb: Sarah Rhinelander ig: @mymamamagic | @blissmother

Sara Gustafson, author

Sara Gustafson is a writer, editor, dog mama, meditator, and spiritual seeker. She believes deeply in peace, social justice, and the Oxford comma. One of her single greatest joys in life comes from helping other people tell their story, and tell it well. Sara lives with clinical depression and anxiety and is passionate about adding new techniques to her mental health management toolbox. These techniques include exercise, nutrition, meditation, prayer, journaling, and lots of naps and puppy snuggles. She speaks openly and honestly about her disease in order to help end the stigma surrounding mental illness and let others know they are not alone. The next step in Sara’s career path will include becoming a mindfulness and meditation coach and leading meditation and writing retreats. Born and raised in central Massachusetts, Sara has lived in seven U.S. states and overseas in South Korea. She and her husband and fur-baby, Dex, currently live in Japan. fb: @LightLoveWords | ig: sara_judith_stories Website: www.sara-judith.com

Nicole Martin, author

Nicole Martin is a mindfulness coach whose purpose is to support others in their quest to be their own North Star and live a life that lights them up! She is certified in somatic coaching techniques, mean­ing the whole person — mind, body, and spirit — is taken into con­sideration. She has successfully guided clients through job searches, career shifts, divorce, time management challenges, and much more. Combined with a keen business sense from fourteen years in cor­porate human resources and an MBA from New York University, Nicole’s style is a beautiful balance of analytics and intuition. After achieving what could have been viewed as a “perfect” life, Nicole had an awakening and realized how unhappy she was. The result was not the dramatic Hollywood comeback story we’re used to but rather a conscious ex­ploration of self, followed by deliberate lifestyle changes and mindset shifts to put her back on the path she was meant to be on all along. Nicole lives in New Jersey with her husband Ryan, daughter Teagan, and rescue dog Hogan. Outside of coaching, writing, and organizing the chaos under her roof, she likes to relax through yoga, hiking, and sipping craft brews — both beer and her tasty batches of homemade kombucha. She lives each day as presently as possible and will contin­ue to overuse the phrase, “Everything happens for a reason.” When Nicole isn’t practicing being present, you can find her online here: fb: @wellandguidedig: @wellandguidedlife

Narelle Clyde, author

Narelle Clyde is an ascension coach, healer, and channel for light lan­guage with a mission to guide you on your journey to clarity and purpose. Narelle works with men and women seeking the next level of freedom, abundance, and ultimately, a life and business by their own design. Her genuine love for all humanity drives Narelle to want to see every­one succeed, knowing that we all have unique talents to bring to this world. She has a natural gift for unlocking greatness and activating your full potential. Narelle brings her extensive experience in the discovery of connec­tion to self, source, and manifestation to ignite your inner flame and inspire you to step into the next level version of yourself, now! www.narelleclyde.com fb: NarelleClyde ig: @NarelleClyde in: in/narelle-clyde

Michelle Tonn, author

Michelle Tonn is a creativepreneur who is embracing the beautiful art of storytelling. In late 2017, she made a with heart-centered leap to launch her own copywriting business, Emergence Creative, and foray into the depths of writing in which she shares her struggles and triumphs. Her decision to follow her passion for writing aligned with her love of watching clients and students grow. It was a soul project that was a calling to be pursued. When she is not immersed in word-nerd things like the Oxford comma or writing in the third person, she infuses a lot of love, patience, and good humor into her family, friends, yoga practice, animal rescue, and the great outdoors. Join Michelle on her journey as she infuses thoughtful intentions into future collaborations in hopes of igniting a spark within you to create a sense of belonging, serving with purpose and authenticity. www.emergencecreative.org fb: @theemergencecreative ig: @theemergencecreative

Kristen Stuckenberg, author

Kirsten Stuckenberg is a soulful, multi-passionate entrepreneur and author. She inspires others to live a soul-aligned life and follow their true north. Kirsten left the fast-paced auction industry after ten years to pursue her dream of a freedom-based lifestyle and ditch the boss for good. She broke into the real estate industry and found that she was able to pursue her passions and live life on her terms. Never looking back, she discovered that life is meant to be passionate and joyful. When she is not shaking up the business world, you can find her horseback riding and enjoying life outdoors. Raised on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, she feels grounded and inspired when she is deep diving in nature and near water. fb: @KirstenStuckenberg ig: @kstuckenberg

Jennifer Boudreau, author

Jennifer Boudreau is a lifelong student. From studying business ad­ministration with honors to mortgage brokering to opening and op­erating a successful e-commerce business (www.fizznsuds.com, and a blog worth following (www.liferecalculating.com), she just doesn’t stop. She loves reading, anything fitness-related, and eating and has been fortunate to travel extensively. Her favorite activities are kayak­ing, fishing, camping, 4x4ing, and dirt biking. She supports, empow­ers, and educates family members of those suffering with PTSD. Jennifer is a huge believer in having a bucket list, as YOLO (You Only Live Once) is her motto. She is in a self-directed contest with her­self to see what she can achieve in life. Jennifer cannot turn down a museum — from The Royal BC Museum to the Louvre in Paris to The National Motor Museum in Beaulieu UK, she can’t get enough. She is a mom to three beautiful children: two girls and one boy. She loves all animals but has a soft spot for cats — especially her Maine Coon, Chewbacca (Chewie for short). Jennifer has been through multiple lessons in life that have taught her to keep going, as the sun has to shine sometime, and says she wouldn’t change any of it for the world! Jennifer was born and raised in Victoria, BC, and though she has lived in many places, home will always be oceanside on the west coast. Jennifer is best known for saying, “Just fucking smile.” www.fizznsuds.com | www.liferecalculating.com fb: liferecalculating | ig: Groovyjenn1 youtube: PTSD Families Helping Families

Effie Mitskopoulos, author

Effie Mitskopoulos, founder of Soul Body Healer, holds a master’s degree in social work and specializes in holistic psychotherapy. She customizes Western interventions with hypnosis, mindfulness, yoga, and energy work. Her commitment to helping others stems from her own healing journey. Despite hardships, Effie kept receiving mes­sages that there was more to life than suffering. Many times she felt like giving up, but hope and persistence kept her seeking knowledge, authenticity, spirituality, and, ultimately, wellness. Her journey was catapulted in 2010 by practicing Kundalini yoga and becoming a yoga teacher. She came to realize that healing occurs on all levels: mind, body, and soul. Because much discomfort stems from a mental-emotional-energetic cause, practicing mindfulness and hypnosis can shift unconscious programming, helping to manage emo­tional states, while Reiki and yoga bring balance and strength to the body and energetic systems by releasing unresolved emotions and energy blockages. Effie has provided programs ranging from stress management, de­pression, anxiety, chronic pain, addiction, and trauma for thousands of people in many populations. She believes that every individual has special gifts and has the strength to heal themselves. It is her pas­sion to help her clients uncover the root cause of their discomfort and release distressing patterns so they can live happy, peaceful, and meaningful lives. Her vision is the uplifting of humanity — for people to feel whole and well and free to express themselves fully so that every interaction is loving and compassionate, supporting a peaceful world. soulbodyhealer@gmail.com www.soulbodyhealer.com fb: @soulbodyhealer

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