Ils ne veulent pas jouer avec moi (They don't Want to Play With Me)

Ils ne veulent pas jouer avec moi (They don't Want to Play With Me)

by Andrée Poulin
  • family-and-friendship
  • fiction
  • french-from-quebec
  • from-quebec

Zac and Paco don't want to play with Fanfan, the MUCH TOO pink flamingo. Zac is a black-and-white zebra and Paco is a black-and-white panda. They say that pink gives them a headache and doesn't go well with black and white; that pink is for babies and for princesses. This makes Fanfan really sad. His big sister tells him NO! they're wrong, cotton candy is pink, loukums and strawberry ice-cream are pink. Ludo the lemur says if we didn't have pink, we wouldn't have shrimp or salmon or pigs, nor roses, nor orchids...

A wonderful story of learning to appreciate who one is.


Andrée Poulin, author

If she could, Andrée Poulin would read from morning to night. Her love of reading is what brought her to writing. After working as a journalist and then working in international development, she began writing. She is now an award-winning and best-seller author who believes books can change the world.

Lucile Danis Drouot, illustrator

Lucile has illustrated many children's books. Born in France but now living in Québec. She was a timid quiet child in school except when she was with her friends and then chat, chat, chat. She divides her time between illustrating and designing.

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age range: 3 - 5

number of pages: 32

publication date: 01/03/2019

Original language of pub: Français | French

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