It's a Question of Life and Death

It's a Question of Life and Death

by Gaétan Brouillard
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Death is without doubt one of the greatest mysteries and biggest taboos of our existence.

In an attempt to defy it, human beings have set bold scientific and cosmetic goals for themselves. We invest mind-boggling amounts of money to fight aging and develop anti-aging techniques that will in the end give us immortality, youth and beauty. Might it not be possible to ward off death? This preoccupation is justifiable, but perhaps we should start by defining what death is. Is it an end point to be feared or rather a step toward who knows what?

One thing is certain: no matter what beliefs we hold, death is a fatal illness we all fall victim to. Whether our health is robust or precarious, sooner or later we will all have to go through it.

Death and life are two sides of the same coin; to die with dignity, you first have to have lived with dignity. This is the departure point, in Dr. Gaétan Brouillard’s third book, for a reflection on every aspect of life and death. A philosopher and doctor who has often seen death at close hand, he attempts to make us rethink the way we want to live our lives, so as to free us from the fear of this great unknown. To do this, the author examines various theories, including those of quantum physics and the experience of imminent death.


Gaétan Brouillard, author

Dr. Gaétan Brouillard is a hospital doctor, with 35 years of clinical instruction experience. He practises preventive and functional medicine, and he has expertise in treating chronic pain. He has also acquired skills in acupuncture, naturopathy, osteopathy and hypnotherapy. He promotes a multidisciplinary approach to health, focussed on the individual, not the disease.

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