La crème glacée fond plus vite en Enfer

La crème glacée fond plus vite en Enfer

by Valérie Picard
  • courage-self-esteem
  • from-quebec

Now that Sam is a ghost, he is not afraid of anything anymore. When he was alive, he was scared of almost everything. Well, let’s be honest, he was afraid of everything! Baskets balls and swings terri ed him, skipping ropes and white sheets horri ed him. He was even scared of cute little bunny rabbits. Bunny rabbits you say! Yes, and that is not all. To find out Sam’s long list of fears, let’s meet up in...Hell! Don’t worry, everybody is very friendly!

Valérie Picard has written a funny and daring story about the fears we encounter every day. Daniel Jamie Williams’s illustrations embody the savvy strangeness of the author’s imagination while highlighting her quirky humor. This is an ideal picture book to initiate discussions on all fears, big and small, but also on life!


Valérie Picard, author

At the age of 12, Valérie Picard won the short story contest held in her class, with her crime fiction, The conductor’s chopsticks. While looking at her winnings: a giant eraser ‘’for big mistakes’’ and a puffy velvet Garfield sticker, she was struck by the certainty that she would, one day, become a writer. An unconditional lover of meandrous routes, she moves to Europe, studies fine arts, literature, anthropology, she participates in an archaeological dig in Peru and works in the advertising industry before veering towards publishing. She now writes, sometimes draws, drinks lots of tea and lives in Montreal with her guard dog Benjamin, a tiny Chihuahua! Ice cream melts faster in hell is her first book.

Daniel Williams, illustrator

Daniel is a British illustrator and artist based in London. He works by mixing traditional and digital media - primarily pencil and editing software. He likes to create his own self-published zines, prints and products as well as working for magazines, books and events.


  • They had to dare to play down the fears with the children, and that is exactly what the author and the illustrator do. The fall alone is striking and has a very dark sense of humor. It's good to see a Quebec youth publisher brewing the cage. And dear adults, do not worry: it's a safe bet that children will ask again from the last page turned. A huge blow of heart! - Pierre-Alexandre Bonin, Les Libraires Link to review
  • I have rarely seen a picture book of this type dealing with fear so candidly and imaginatively. - Catherine Trudeau, Radio Canada - Plus on est de fous, plus on lit Link to review

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age range: 4 and up

number of pages: 48

publication date: 09/18/2018

Original language of pub: Français | French

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