Le calepin picoté avec un canard dessus | A Dotted Notebook With a Duck On It

Le calepin picoté avec un canard dessus | A Dotted Notebook With a Duck On It

"series "Trouvaille"" series

by Sylvie Rancourt
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  • family-and-friendship
  • fiction
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I was drawing memories. Mine, but also those of Vieux-Grand-Papa. He still had a lot in his used memory. It was so worn it had holes; holes through which the memories escaped. Memories that were lost forever, because he had not written them in his notebook. The authors offer us a story about the value of souvenirs and the significance of recording them in a notebook so we won’t forget them. They also express the importance of going to school and of learning.


Sylvie Rancourt, author

Sylvie Rancourt has written for many years about touching and amusing subjects. She first began her career with Pierre Chartray, her late husband. They established Les Éditions Trampoline (in 2006) with the aim of giving the chance to new talents to be known in youth literature. The publishing company was sold ome years later. After the passing of Pierre, Sylvie kept going her favorite path, which is writing for children.

Marion Arbona, illustrator

After obtaining a diploma in animation film at « Les arts Décoratifs de Paris », Marion Arbona started working as an illustrator for children’s books. When she is not drawing, she is particularly interested in deep sea fishes, cats (even though she is allergic) and weird plants. She also likes reading and watching movies. Her favorite gouache color is light cadmium red. Marion was awarded several illustration prizes in the USA and in Canada where she lived for 10 years. She returned to live in Paris in 2015.


  • A beautiful children’s book on memory, souvenirs, and the wealth of history our elderlies have to share with us. There is a lot of respect and poignancy throughout the book. Lets add to that magnificent and distinctive illustrations, with human characters, birds, flowers, and so many souvenirs and memories. I believe I’ll become a fan of this talented illustrator. She succeeds to reflect, in a masterly fashion, the transmission of memories by Old-Grandpapa. Bottom line: I just loved it! - Mon coin lecture Link to review
  • To add a touch of wonder to a nice day, this children’s book about a very touching story was rated 5/5 by the Montreal’s libraries. A huge coup de coeur for this children’s book which was totally unexpected! - Montreal 157 Link to review
  • In A Dotted Notebook With a Duck On It, Pierre Chartray and Sylvie Rancourt offer us a moving reflection about memory, the importance of souvenirs, old age, and knowledge sharing between generations. The book is also about the relationship between writing and reading, and about the true value of gifts. Marion Arbona’s illustrations prove to be a lyrical and reminiscent heartfelt treasure, found in every page and every character. In brief, this is a small marvel of children’s literature. - La Presse Link to review
  • Through this story of an invisible legacy defined by memories, the authors successfully fire up curiosity amongst kids aged five to eight years old. Young readers will be encouraged to discuss memory loss and that “old time” when children had to leave school too soon to go to work on the farm or the factory. For her amazing artwork, Marion Arbona received a special Recognition Award. - Le Devoir Link to review
  • REVIEW In this beautiful picture book, the authors succeeded brilliantly in creating an ode to remembrance, as a token of unity and safeguard of the family. The bond between a little girl and her great‐grandfather becomes the mainstay of intergenerational transfer of souvenirs. In dribs and drabs, along with the little girl, we find the true meaning of the treasure she received from ‘Old‐Grandpapa’, a treasure she will safeguard and add to throughout her life. The illustrations, whimsical and symbolic, delightfully bolster and complete the story. It’s impossible not to be carried away by the strong feelings evoked in this picture book. It’s so filled with poetry and fondness… - Andréa, librarian and blogger, Balad’en page

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age range: 6 - 9

number of pages: 44

publication date: 09/07/2013

Original language of pub: French | Français

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