Le Vide | The Void

Le Vide | The Void

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Pierre Sauvé is a fortyish widower and father of a twenty-year-old daughter. He is a detective sergeant with the Drummondville police investigating a quadruple murder that appears to be like a crime of passion. Frédéric Ferland Early fifties, divorced and the father of two adult children he seldom sees. He’s been looking for years for the ultimate excitement, something that will give meaning to his existence and life, which he’s always found rather drab. A psychologist, he practises in the town of Saint-Bruno. Maxime Lavoie Thirty-seven, a bachelor and an idealistic billionaire. Two years ago, he resigned from his position as CEO at Lavoie Inc. to become the producer and host of “Life to a Max,” the most controversial reality TV show of its time... but also the most successful. Three different men, three lives as far apart as they can be. But against all odds, their paths will soon cross and their lives will be changed forever. As well as those of thousands of other people... and yours!


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Rights Holder: Alire

rights sold: France

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age range: Adult

number of pages: 656

publication date: 02/20/2007

Original language of pub: French

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