L'éléphant de l'ombre

L'éléphant de l'ombre

by Nadine Robert
  • animal
  • arts
  • family-and-friendship
  • fiction

According to the animals that live in the savannah, the elephant is in great need for help: he is moody, he seems sad and he prefers to stand in the dark, to hide his sorrow.

One after another, the animals try to entertain him, to make him laugh, to cheer him up, but nothing seems to work. Suddenly, a mouse crosses the elephant's path. He turns to her sympathetic ear and a real encounter takes place.

Would listening and empathy be the keys to comfort? Would they have the power to free the heart from the weight of tears, sadness or melancholy?


Nadine Robert, author

Nadine Robert is an author and book publisher from Quebec. She studied literature and education. She first worked as a video game designer and animated film scriptwriter. As she has always been fond of picture books, she created Comme des Géants and Le Lièvre de Mars, two children's books publishing houses. She has written and translated the text of many children's books. She lives near Montreal.

Valerio Vidali, illustrator

Valerio Vidali is an illustrator and graphic designer from Italy. He has illustrated several books, including JEMMY BUTTON (released by Templar Publishing) and THE FOREST (released by Enchanted Lion Books). His illustrations have been published by many magazines and newspapers such as THE NEW YORK TIMES, the BOSTON GLOBE and MARIE CLAIRE. His work is internationally appreciated. Valerio Vidali has been awarded or nominee many times. He lives and works in Berlin.


  • ’éléphant de l’ombre [...] was selected for an exhibition of 100 OUTSTANDING PICTUREBOOKS at the Frankfurt Book Fair - the largest event of its kind in the world. - Marie Allard, La Presse


  • selected for the 100 OUTSANDING PICTUREBOOKS exhibition presented during FBM2019

Rights Holder

Rights Holder: Comme des géants

email: nadine@commedesgeants.com

website: https://www.commedesgeants.com

rights sold: China, France, Greece, Italy, Korea, USA

rights available: world

Additional Information

age range: 4+ years

publication date: 10/22/2019

Original language of pub: french

Materials Available: finished book