Léo, l'autre fils | Léo, the other son

Léo, l'autre fils | Léo, the other son

"Trilogie" series #1

by Hélène Lucas
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The story of Léo recounts the harrowing fate of an endlessly engaging child with an extraordinary gift of resilience. It is about a mother’s failure to connect with her son, but also a very moving story of love. Can you really bring a child into the world in order to save another, without expecting that he will one day learn the truth? The ultimate solution, tragic circumstances and a mother unable to love her child make up the world through which young Léo must move. In three volumes we read about his childhood, his adolescence and his coming of age as an adult, afflicted with the history of a life he didn’t choose. This is an intense, gripping series about love and heartbreak. All of Quebec City celebrated Héléne Lucas’s achievement by presenting her with the Members of the Library Network Award.


Hélène Lucas, author

After several years as the sales rep for a radio station in the Quebec City region, Hélène Lucas decided to devote herself entirely to her family. Ten years later, another career than that of mother beckoned – she wanted to write. Her passion for writing led her to publish the non-fiction work Profession, mère de famille [Profession, Stay-at-Home Mom], which was released in fall 2006 by Les Éditions Sylvain Harvey. She then undertook the Léo trilogy, which was an instant, resounding success. Léo, l’autre fils is the first volume. Readers celebrated Lucas’s very first novel by presenting her with Quebec City’s Members of the Library Network Award.


  • Such an extraordinary book that it’s hard to find words to describe it... I was so taken with the story that I sat down and read it from cover to cover... A real gift! - Christine Michaud, TVA
  • A story that reaches deep into our soul. - Hélène Lajeunesse, Voir
  • The author explores feelings with accuracy and brilliance. I sometimes believed that I was reading a true story. I hope that one day these books will be brought to the big screen. Great novels, extremely moving. - Jean-Luc Doumont, Made in Québec


  • Prix des abonnés du réseau des bibliothèques

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