L'étrange odeur du safran | The Scent of Saffron

L'étrange odeur du safran | The Scent of Saffron

"serie "Quai no 5"" series

by Miléna Babin
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Lower St. Lawrence, July 1988. When Nil sets out for Le Bic along with Lavender, her pet fox (!), she has no idea that being on the lam for a few days will forever mark her future. Raised by her uncle along with her twin brother Yoav in less-than-enviable conditions, she’s still rough around the edges when she decides to take off and just “lie low” for a while. Along the way, she’ll come across characters that are more tormented than they seem, beginning with Jacob, HIV-positive restaurant owner mixed up in the trafficking of… saffron, the red gold that sets spirits ablaze and adds flavour to the finest delicacies! After wolfing down a copious meal she can’t possibly afford at the restaurant where Jacob works, Nil and Lavender take off in her van—without paying the bill. But a few hours later Jacob finds himself tailing her in his car. Nil has the nerve to ask him for a place to stay, even after stiffing him. Quickly, each of the characters will realize that they have something to gain from others, motivating them to stick together despite their seeming incompatibility.


Miléna Babin, author

Originally from Gaspésie, Miléna Babin burst onto the literary scene in 2014 with Les fantômes fument en cachette. She has contributed to the short story collections Nu and Sous la ceinture, published by Québec Amérique.

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publication date: 04/04/2018

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