Little Cloud: The Science of a Hurricane

Little Cloud: The Science of a Hurricane

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Follow our little cloud on an adventure through the sky and learn the science behind how it transforms from a simple cumulus cloud to a full-blown hurricane.

Beautifully detailed illustrations from award-winning artist Julie McLaughlin integrate science with storytelling. Children will enjoy finding new gems of information even after several reads, thanks to a whimsical and rich layout.

And meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe weaves a comprehensive narrative about a powerful weather system that’s so compelling readers won’t even realize they are on their way to becoming budding meteorologists.


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Rights Holder: Orca Book Publishers

rights sold: Korea (KIZM Education Group)

rights available: World, excl. North America

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age range: 6 - 9

number of pages: 32

publication date: 02/18/2020

Original language of pub: English

Materials Available: complete manuscript

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