Little Red Riding Hood | Le Petit Chaperon rouge

Little Red Riding Hood | Le Petit Chaperon rouge

"Look & Read" series

by Dominique Bergevin
  • fiction
  • illustrated
  • reluctant-readers
  • series

Little one's favorite classic tales have been gathered in this series so that early readers can point their magic fingers on the colored pictures to complete the sentences and participate to the reading experience. By giving them the feeling that reading is accessible and enjoyable, they will develop their interest in that field and their confidence will grow rapidly.

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Dominique Bergevin, author

Svetlana Peskin, illustrator

Rights Holder

Rights Holder: Mega Publishing



rights sold: French (Canada)

rights available: World

Additional Information

age range: 3 - 5

number of pages: 14

publication date: 04/15/2018

Original language of pub: French | Français

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