Liverpool Lad: Adventures Growing Up in Postwar Liverpool

Liverpool Lad: Adventures Growing Up in Postwar Liverpool

by Peter Haase
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A lively memoir in an authentic and engaging voice of growing up street savvy, the youngest of four boys, in the famous downtown working-class slums of Everton, Liverpool in the '50s and '60s before they were demolished. Our young hero is talented but his valiant attempts to “be good” sometimes fail because of violence, poverty, bullying teachers and other disasters. He loves music and fishing; accidently meets Beatles George and John; wins big on the Grand National; apprentices as a butcher boy; becomes a Mod; digs the Merseybeat, the Cavern Club and tailored suits. Before Liverpool’s economic decline deepens, at 16, resilient raconteur and Scouser Peter and his family find a “way out” and emigrate to Australia.


Peter Haase, author

Peter Haase is an electrician/builder, singer/musician, artist, gardener, letterpress printer, former preacher and scriptural teacher and political activist. Born in Everton, Liverpool, he immigrated to Australia in Dec. 1966, then Canada in 1971, living in Toronto, the Yukon and Vancouver, before settling on Salt Spring Island in 1990. He married Canadian writer Mona Fertig and has a son and daughter. He is working on a sequel, Double Immigrant.


  • "Liverpool Lad" by Peter Haase is one of the more charming books you’ll ever read. It’s such an engaging, entertaining, funny, melancholy memoir that you can feel awfully nostalgic about the era and place in which Peter grew up, without even having to set foot in Liverpool. A remarkable storyteller, Peter Haase takes us to the working class slums he grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, the youngest of four boys. - Joseph Planta, The Commentary Link to review
  • Optimism key to buoyant memoir! - Vancouver Sun Link to review

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