Mathématiques ludiques pour les enfants de 4 à 8 ans

Mathématiques ludiques pour les enfants de 4 à 8 ans

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A game—a creative activity specific to one’s childhood and free of all constraints—is considered the most favourable context for learning. Its contribution to the development of the child’s mathematical thinking can be a major benefit. In order to support the efforts of many preschool educators and 1st and 2nd grade teachers who accompany children on a daily basis in their early stages of learning mathematics, the authors of this book lay the foundation for fun didactic teaching tools to help children ages 4 to 8 learn mathematics. They revisit the main mathematical concepts (such as numbers, arithmetic, space, geometry, measurements, etc.) taught in educational and training programs, but always make good use of role-play and rules. By addressing mathematical thinking and game play as one same process of discovery and appropriation of the world, they show that it is possible to create concepts and strategies, and improve math skills by profoundly respecting the childlike nature of young students for whom a game is not only a right but a necessity.


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