Mini-Jon's Experiments Volume 1

Mini-Jon's Experiments Volume 1

"Mini-Jon's Experiments" series #1

by Alex A.
  • adventure
  • fiction
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  • graphic-novel
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Welcome to the exciting world of Mini-Jon, where humour, adventure, and science come together and where almost anything can happen!

Mini-Jon is a curious and intrepid young scientist. He lives in a laboratory under the supervision of the world’s greatest scientist, Henry B. Belton. With the help of Q, the diabolical evil brain, Mini-Jon will stop at nothing to conduct wacky scientific experiments that he thinks will advance science.


Alex A., author

Alex A. is both author and illustrator of Super Agent Jon Le Bon! and Mini-Jon’s Experiments. He discovered his love of drawing and creating cartoon characters at the early age of eight and has been at it ever since. He’ll tell you that his main source of inspiration is “all that exists but especially all that doesn’t exist and lives in my imagination”. Alex A. lives in Montreal with his dog Ours and always shows up for book signings wearing his distinctive wool hat and colorful plaid pants, ready to entertain his young readers.

Rights Holder

Rights Holder: Adventure Press



rights available: World, excl. French (Worldwide), English (Canada)

Additional Information

age range: 6 and up

number of pages: 64

publication date: 04/26/2017

Original language of pub: Français | French

Materials Available: finished book

Additional Materials: Author's website