Mon premier livre de tai chi (My First Book of Tai Chi)

Mon premier livre de tai chi (My First Book of Tai Chi)

"Zen" series

by Luce Condamine
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Tai chi or the "meditation of movement" comes from Taoism. The fluid sequence of movements encourages relaxation, calmness and tranquility, as well as encouraging and developing one's interior strengths.

Children who practice these exercises will have fun and see their bodies become more flexible and agile.


Luce Condamine, author

Dr. Luce Condamine is a pediatrician, a sports medecine doctor as well as a professor of tai chi chuan. She has adapted teaching tai chi techniques for children to help develop their balance, flexibility, concentration, breathing and awareness of their body.

Isabelle Charbonneau, illustrator

Since graduating from UQAM with a degree in Graphic Design, Isabelle has illustrated more than 130 books for children that have been published in North America and Europe. She loves to travel but, in between trips, she lives in the mountains north of Montreal.

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